Annotated Summary of Richard Frajola, Inc. Auction Catalogs
and Net Price Catalogs (for additional catalogs see page here)
1981 / 1996. Links below are to searchable PDF files of sales.




#1 6/13/81 General postal history by era, Independent Mails, Hotel handstamps from the Ben Newman collection, B&O railway uses from John Kolhepp collection, waterway uses. Much of the material in the sale was ex George Turner collection. Sale includes introductory notes throughout.
#2 10/23/81 "The Crittenden Correspondence" an important original find of 30 Virginia City Pony Express covers sold intact as received (a few additional examples from the find appeared in sales, mostly abroad), group also included early letters from Crittenden's trip to California in 1849, a Nicaragua Expedition cover and uses from CSA to CA. One of the finest correspondences I have ever handled in terms of both historical content and postal history interest.
#3 10/23/81 The William K. Herzog collection of stamps and postal history of the 1861 issue. An exceptional collection formed by one of the premier students of the era. Great shade material and rare foreign destinations. The collection of Herzog grill issues was subsequently purchased and the stamps sold to Barry Reiger. Covers in #10.
#4 11/28/81 The Ralph Poriss collection of high quality stampless covers in many categories as well as some stamped uses. Included the finest Philly full-rigged ship use
#5 4/25/82 General postal history with strong section of 1869 issue. Civil War and CSA uses.
#6 7/10/82 Manuscripts, Free Franks and Confederate postal history. A wonderful group of manuscripts which were removed from an extra-illustrated set of "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War" in 25 volumes.
#7 11/19/82 General Postal History featuring the William Crowe collection of Baltimore and Maryland.
#8 2/5/83 General Postal History featuring the Wylie Flack collection of Pennsylvania, Registered Mail, Centennial Expo
#9 6/26/83 US and CSA postal history, manuscripts, railroads
#10 9/10/83 US and CSA postal history including the Willard Davis collection of 3c 1851's and the Herzog grilled issue postal history
#11 1/28/84 Eastern Inter-City Express Posts and Rhode Island postal history. An exceptional collection of expresses from the Cyril Cowdrey collection. Catalog has histories of the various companies and much of the information was later used for ASCC. The RI material mostly from the Knee collection. Also a strong section of depreciated currency uses from the William Coles collection.
#12 3/31/84 US Postal History with David Carnahan collection of 3c 1869's and Alan Atkins collection of Kentucky
#13 6/10/84 US Postal History with Robert Hutchinson collection of New York State
#14 9/9/84 US Postal History with "Buffalo" (Pitt Petri) Collection of Pomeroy's Letter Express, Wells & Co and 1844 Independent mails. One of my favorite catalogs.
#15 11/24/84 US Postal History with Tracy Thurber collection of railroads and the Ken DeLisle collection of Hudson River mails.
#16 2/9/85 US Stamps and Postal History with McInroy 1847-1869 collection of high quality and Gordon Wean collection of Ohio
#17 3/9/85 US Postal History with Harvey Warm collection of Louisiana
#18 5/11/85 US Postal History with Sheldon Dike collection of New Mexico Territory
#19 5/12/85 US Postal History with John Vick Arizona Territorials
#20 6/15/85 US & CSA Postal History with Don Johnstone lake Champlain, Wenk 1847s and Housatonic RR, Maurice Cole Black Jacks, postal cards, Howard Harmon Confederates and a Baltimore collection.
#21 9/7/85 US Postal History with Fred Faulstich collection, important Letter Sheets and Western Express from Haas collection, Inland Waterways from Haas collection, Fricke First Issue postal cards, more Maurice Cole Black Jacks.
#22 9/28/85 Airposts and Aeronautica - The Robert Schoendorf collection
#23 11/16/85 US Postal History with Chase correspondence of Waterbury, Connecticut fancy cancels (including 3 running chicken covers), Karlen Chicago
#24 12/14/85 California Postal History - The Marc Haas collection (unattributed in softbound version of catalog, attributed in hardbound edition), includes Pony express and other great Western material illustrated in full color
#25 1/25/86 US Postal History - The Amos Eno collection including fancy cancels that were the nucleus for Skinner-Eno book, his exceptional NY Ocean Mails as well as exception 1847 bisect covers from the Haas collection
#26 1/26/86 US Postal History with Royden Lounsbury exceptional quality stampless covers, and additional Cole Black Jack uses
#27 2/22/86 Confederate States Postal History - The Marc Haas collection (unattributed in softbound version of catalog, attributed in hardbound edition), full color catalog
#28 5/3/86 US & CSA Postal History with Presidential free franks, Robert Hunt collection of 1861-1867 issues, British Post Offices in the Americas
#29 9/14/86 US & CSA Postal History
#30 11/15/86 US & CSA Postal History with very strong Confederate and Civil War era
#31 3/14/87 US, CSA & Foreign Postal History with Herman Herst collections of Revolutionary War and 1870 Paris Balloon Post, Forster collection of South Australia and important manuscripts with George Washington writing about the uses of manure in farming
#32 5/30/87 US Postal History with Minnesota Territory and including Oscar Salzer stampless covers
#33 8/29/87 US & CSA Postal History with Henry Welch collection of Charleston, South Carolina and a strong showing of illustrated covers
#34 12/5/87 US & CSA Postal History with David Beals Kansas territory
#35 3/12/88 US & CSA Postal History with J.V. Nielsen Confederate States
#36 6/4/88 US & CSA Postal History with N.L. Persson collection, Part I, stampless and westerns
#37 9/10/88 US Postal History, Persson Part II with Alaska Territory, Packets, illustrated ad covers and Civil War
#38 11/26/88 US & CSA Postal History including the Joe Van Hake collection of Pennsylvania and postal rates
#39 1/13/89 US Postal History including the Paul Rohloff Territorials, Sandy Arnold collection part 1, the Pardon Brown correspondence with Snowshoe Thompson cover and the Doug Kelsey postal cards
#40 4/22/89 US & CSA Postal History with Lewis Foster collection of 1861-1867 issues, Peter Powell collection of Richmond, Virginia and a portion of Sandy Arnold collection part 2
#41 9/9/89 US & CSA Postal History
#42 3/8/90 US Postal History - the Thomas Alexander collection, mostly 1850-1861 era, full color catalog issued in soft and hard covers
Prices Realised
#43 3/10/90 US & CSA Postal History including the Leo LaFrance US-BNA cross border uses, George Ball Toledo Strip, and the Lee Leonard Connecticut
#44 7/28/90 US & CSA Postal History- includes strong 2c 1869's as well as inland waterway
#45 1/25/91 US & CSA Postal History with Semsrott part I Westerns and Territorials, 1847-1869 issues as well as the ex David Golden and T.S. Dukeshire important collection of CSA.
#46 4/21/91 US & CSA Postal History with  Semsrott part II, Tobias Virginia and a collection of Expositions
#47 9/21/91 US & CSA Postal History with Schwimmer California, Amos Eno Railroads and the Collins correspondence original find of covers to Asia
#48 3/21/92 US & CSA Postal History
#49 5/16/92 US & Great Britain Postal History includes portions of Earl Oakley collection including much which had been gifted to him by Oscar Salzer, strong Western related material
#50 10/4/92 US Postal History - The Frajola collection of Colorado postal history
#51 1/22/93 US & CSA Postal History including the Colton Park Confederate States, the James Welch New Mexico Territory and Ed Bushnell registered mail collection
#52 5/30/93 Manuscripts and Postal History
#53 10/9/93 US & CSA Postal History
#54 3/19/94 US & CSA Postal History - portions of the Ken Kutz collection strong in Western Express and illustrated covers
#55 5/21/94 US & CSA Postal History with Seifert Colorado and Stan Jersey 2c Bureaus
#56 8/27/94 US & CSA Postal History with Rohloff Illinois and Nick Johnson Colonial Mails
#57 1/27/95 US & CSA Postal History
#58 5/20/95 US & CSA Postal History, strong in Western Express and related

Net Price Sales

#1 6/1989 The War of 1812 - Richard Frajola collection of war surcharge postal rates, manuscripts and exceptional mail handling routes
#2 9/89 Postal History 1870 - 1890, The Stephen Albert collection of Bank Note issues - much ex Seymour Kaplan collection (additional portions of the collections were sold privately and some material appeared in my public auction sales)
#3 5/90 Classic Philatelic Americana - Francine Frajola collection of embossed, illustrated advertising covers in superb quality
#4 9/90 Collection of Carriers and Locals - The Ambassador J. William Middendorf III collection - full color catalog published soft and hard bound. An exceptionally comprehensive collection carefully and conservatively described


Richard Frajola (August 2011)