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Internet Resources for Postal History Research

An annotated listing of online resources that have been found useful in general postal history research. The notes and hints are subjective (name of submitter in parentheses). Subscription access website links shown in red.

Auction house archives are also an excellent resource but are not included.

U.P.U.Convention Reports (links)

compiled by Mike Ludeman
Mexico: Hidalgo / Eagle Exchange

Farley Katz
an e-book as PDF file
Seebeck: Hero or Villain?

Michael Schreiber

 + Transcribed Minute Books
of the Hamilton Bank Co.
 (annex 1 and annex 2)


Annals of 3¢ 1869: Alcatraz Island

Barry Jablon
A.T. Stewart

Barry Jablon
Boston to Camp Warner the Hard Way: A Fort Too Far

Barry Jablon

How the Cannonball Route got its name

Ken Lawrence
Fake Advertising Covers



Uncovering a Unique Mexico–New Zealand–California Family Story Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941, Retrospective and Remembrance

(by Ken Lawrence)

Mercury Project
(an archive site for contributed articles)
Postal History Resources

(links to postal rates, maps, etc)
British Packet Sailings to Brazil: 1808-1850 (by John Olenkiewicz) (by Farley Katz and Omar Rodriguez from the CCP)

"Via Tehuantepec" image census of endorsed covers

Richard Frajola

Pony Express image census of known covers

Richard Frajola


California Penny Post image census of known covers

Richard Frajola
California "Overland" directive handstamps image census

Richard Frajola
American Forces in the Soviet Union During WW II

(by Ken Lawrence)

Defaults, Delays and Vibrations on the Overland Mail Route

Richard Frajola


Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941, Retrospective and Remembrance

(by Ken Lawrence)

British Packet Sailings: 1755-1840, Br. Pkts to North America (by John Olenkiewicz) British Packet Sailings: 1810 -1816, Br. Pkt service to Surinam (by John Olenkiewicz) British Packet Sailings: 1824 -1832, Br. Pkt service to Argentina (by John Olenkiewicz)

The Five Cent 1856 Issue
The Hartford Letter Mail

Richard Frajola

Draft Chapter for unpublished Brookman Revision

Richard Frajola
California Private Mails, 1849-1856

Richard Frajola
Ashbrook's Special Service Link to searchable PDF files by year The Pioneer Steamship Robert Fulton (1823 Steam Boat Law)

Chronicle #230 article by Frajola and Baird

Great Britain Penny Stars Used Abroad

Michael Batty
Postal History Resources

Cholera, Politics and the Mail Service to Rome in the 1860’s

Deconstructing the Jackass Mail Route

From Chronicle #220

Kearny's California Mail Route

From Chronicle #225

Steamboat Mail on the Colorado River

From Chronicle #221

searchable PDF


VIDEO (40 min) requires QuickTime

Fur Trade Rendezvous Mail

Steve Walske talk at TPR 2010

VIDEO (40 min)
requires QuickTime

Baltic Sea Mails

Dr. Armando Grassi talk at TPR 2010

VIDEO (40 min)
requires QuickTime

Directives on Western Mails

Michael Perlman talk at TPR 2010

Private Mail Systems in the United States

by Richard Frajola

from PF Seminar Series Textbook #3

China Mail by American Clipper Ships

by Richard Frajola


A reconstruction of a gift Missionary Cover. A cover that was stolen by Indians from the Pony Express in July, 1861. Postal Station at Polemonos, Egypt in 253 BC

A study of the various methods used to pay postal rates in the United States between 1776 and 1921.

Selling Stamps on Ebay.

Do It Yourself Expertisation

William L. Goggin Proposes a Three Cent Postal Rate (1849) A letter from Ft. Vancouver on the Pacific Coast that traveled overland to Massachusetts in 1833. A Discussion of Hawaii Missionary Stamps and the Grinnells Some simple steps you can take to help determine if a cover has been faked or altered. Private Mail Systems in the American West

self published 2001 (30 pages)

1775 Censorship
An analysis I did of the fake Consul Klep cover before it was offered in Siegel auction of Zoellner collection. Birth Of The US Navy the Machias (Maine) Committee Of Safety In 1775 An 1825 Taos New Mexico cover A Great Salt Lake City Forged Cover

A cover believed to have been manufactured by Mark Hofmann.
Expertising A Mexico-US Combination Cover

1782 Philadelphia cover With the Tibetans in Kumbum during the Mohammedan Rebellion The California "Ocean" Penny Post California Penny Post fakes Adams & Co. Express

Spotlight on Harnden's Foreign Letter Express Van Reed
US Legation in Japan
"Hialeah" fakes Classic Antigua with plate varieties, etc Revenues on Express covers

British P.O at Boston A collection of stamp related songsheets Colorado Territory Gold Coinage

The Frederick Mayer collection
The Northern Liberties News Room Carriers Harrisburg Precancels

searchable PDF index page to searchable PDF files
Colorado Postal markings to 1900
(select counties)

Richard Frajola

from Laposta

Sperati Index

images of Sperati forgeries of the world

William L. Goggin Proposes a Three Cent Postal Rate (1849)

A collection of stamp related songsheets European Classic Postage Stamps and Postal History

35 articles by Edwin Mueller from Mercury Stamp Journal

Richard Frajola (Nov 2018)