Song Sheets

A Group of Early Postage Stamp Related Song Sheets

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The music and lyrics for "The Penny Post Act" are here: (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5)

The lyrics for "The Stamp Collector's Song" (J.W. Palmer was a stamp dealer) are transcribed below:

Collectors there are of several sorts. The collector of taxes we all must respect. Some people will talk of collecting their thoughts, and other poor souls have no thoughts to collect. The collector of china of dishes and plates is sometimes cracked as the ware which elates. But free from the freak of ill fortune which damps is the collector of postage stamps! (refrain)

So here's to the praise of the best of craze, and the daily increase of our treasures, for as long as it pays let us follow the craze the pleasure of kings and king of all pleasures. With it's fortune un-told, for the young and old it has charms for the judge and the rector, for the clerk on his stool and the youngster at school. Hurrah for the stamp collector (refrain).

Like wine and cigars the stamps on your letter the older they get, they grow all better, so examine them well, for sometimes they are sold, like the lamp of Alladin, new ones for old! (refrain)

Then beware of the scamps who deal in forged stamps who plunder in spite of legal measures and follow the craze as long as it pays (refrain)

Each stamp like every dog has its day, and every stamp has its tale unfurl'd in a folic, historical kind of a way, they teach us history of all the world and if they had voices as plain as their faces, they'd say in the tongues of their own native places, beware of the reprint and forgery and and deal with Palmer of the Strand (refrain)

The laws vindicator, the famed exterminator, the champion of parliament'ry measures, is Palmer the protector, the inspector, the detector, minister in chief to the king of all pleasure with its fortune untold, for the young and the old. (refrain)

Richard Frajola (August 14, 2006)