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Richard Frajola (10+) Nepal Classis Issues, 1881 to 1930
In two parts (PDF files):

"Classic Issues, 1881 to 1907"
"Nepal Calling, 1917 to 1930


New Additions

  Dekornfeld, George

Marcophilately of Hudson, New York, 1793 - 1919 (160 page PDF file) added May 2019

  Tyson, George

How They Carried The Mail In America, 1850 to 1870 (PDF Presentation) added May 2019

  Lawrence, Ken

Innovative and Versatile: First Issue United States Stamped Envelopes 1853-1860
added May 2019

  Handelman, David
AR Mails

 British Commonwealth & Empire
added July 2019


 Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania & Russia


 Central and South America

  Handelman, David
AR Mails

 Ottoman Empire, Greece, Bulgaria, and the Balkans
added May 2019


 Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain, and their colonies


 Germany, Danzig, Upper Silesia Plebiscite, and Luxemburg


 Austria, Generalized Scandinavia, and Switzerland




 Australia and New Zealand

  Handelman, David
AR Mails

Book - AR Mails  added Apr 2019


U.S. International AR Mails Exhibit


U.S. Domestic AR Mails Exhibit


Canada AR Mails Exhibit


United Kingdom AR Mails Exhibit


China AR Mails Exhibit

  Mahler, Michael (1)

Postage as Revenue, Civil War Era    added Apr 2019

  Mahler, Michael (1)

California Blues    added Mar 2019

  Mahler, Michael (1)

Thar She Blows    added Mar 2019


PhilaMercury Digital Rendezvous 2018

 (PDR 2018)
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PhilaMercury Digital Rendezvous 2017

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PhilaMercury Digital Rendezvous 2016
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Ainsworth, William

Abraham Lincoln - Index page for 7 exhibits

Ainsworth, William (1)

China & Japan Mails
  Banchik, Mark

Westwards to the Pacific

Barwis, John (8)

Philadelphia - Great Britain Mails

Barwis, John (5) The Path to the Philadelphia Exchange Office
Bearer, Paul (1) Mourning covers of the Confederacy
  Berkun, Alan (7) Early Use of US Postage Stamps, 1842-1904, PDF file
  Carson Joseph (5) Colonial Mail (1956 FIPEX show), PDF file
Cipolla, Ron (10) Printed Mail, 1775-1870, 2009 C of C
Conland, Henry (1) The Wine Stamp Enthusiast
Eubanks, Gordon (10) US Imperforate Issues 1851-1856, 2014 C of C
Feldman, Hugh  (10) US Contract Railways
Forster, Dale (1) US - Australia Mail pre UPU

Frajola, Richard (8)

Nepal Classic Stamp Issues

Frajola, Richard (2)

Greece Large Hermes Heads, stamps and covers

Frajola, Richard (1) California Postal History to Statehood
Frajola, Richard (6) Classic Covers of the World, 1840-1860
Frajola, Richard (1) Tales from the Blockade
Frajola, Richard (1+) French Military Forces in Rome, 1849-1870
Frajola, Richard (5) Paying the Postage, Washington2016 Court of Honor
Frajola, Richard (2+) Roman Republic (to 27 BC) Coins
Frajola, Richard (.5) Tract House Patriotics
Frajola, Richard (1) Great Britain Imperforate Line Engraved, the Vanity and the Insanity
Frajola, Richard (1) 1857 Treaty Mail to France, Philadelphia Exchange Office
Frajola, Richard (4) Mock US & Canada Carriers & Locals
Frajola, Richard Denmark Classic Stamps and Covers
Frajola, Richard (2) Patent Envelopes
  Frajola, Richard (5) War of 1812 Special Mail Routes and Rates, 1991 exhibit, PDF file
  Frajola. Richard (6) California Private Mails, 1849 to 1856, PDF file
  Frajola, Richard (2) Connecticut Railroad Covers, PDF file
  Frajola, Richard (2) Philatelic Song Sheets
  Frajola, Richard Great Britain, 1840 to 1935, blank album pages (links to 5 variations)
Frajola, Fran (2) The English Setter in America

Fuchs, Rainer (5)

Tibet, 1912-1960, the stamps and their use

  Gliedman, Chip (5)

Postal Uses of the U.S. 12 1861 Issue

Grassi, Armando (8)

The Crimean War

Grassi, Armando (8) US External Mail Routes: 1856-1870
  Handelman, David (1) Parcel Card from and to Canada, PDF file
  Handelman, David (6) China AR Mails, PDF only
Hartmann, Leonard (2) Fresno and San Francisco Bicycle Mail of 1894
Irwin, John (4) U.S. Large Numeral Postage Dues
  Jarrett, David (8) U.S. Fancy Stampless, PDF file, from slides
King, Vince (5) Texas Under Six Flags, 1801 - 1865
King, Vince (1) 3c Nesbitts, Workhorse of the Texas Mails
Kirke, Nick (8) New York Foreign Mails, 1870-1878
Kirke, Nick (1) New York Supplementary Mail, 1853-1877
Kramer, George (8) United States Mail
Koppersmith, Van (1) Mobile, Alabama CSA Provisional Issue
Koppersmith, Van Royal Mail Steam Packets Through Mobile
Kouri, Yamil (1) Early Contract Steamship Mail

Laurence, Michael (8)

U.S. 10 Postage Stamp of 1869

Liebson, Matthew (1)

Integral Rate Postmarks of Cincinnati, Ohio

Mahler, Michael (8)

U.S. Civil War Era Fiscal History Panorama

Mayer, Frederick (3)

Colorado Postal History, PDF file

Mayer, Frederick

Colorado Territorial Gold, an article

Mayer, Frederick (2)

Colorado Revenue Stamped Paper, PDF file

Mayer, Frederick (1)

Colorado Territorial Currency

Mayer, Frederick (6)

US Five Cent 1856 issue, PDF file
Mayer, Frederick (5) New Caledonia, 1859-1899
Mayer, Frederick (5) Nova Scotia stamps and postal history
Mayer, Frederick (8) Costa Rica: 1863-1900
  Mayer, Frederick (1) Steam Panama, PDF file
  Mayer, Frederick (1) Spanish Marianas, PDF file
Mayer, Frederick (8) The Postal History of Macao: 1796 to 1900
  Milgram, James (5)

Federal Patriotic Stationery During the Civil War


Milgram, James (3)

Unofficial Registration, 1845 - 1855

Mingee, Rick (1) The San Francisco Cogwheel Cancel
Myerson, James (1) The Battle of Hampton Roads
Myerson, James (6) Confederate States Navy
Myerson, James (7) Aerial Mail Headlines: 1910-1916
  Myerson, James US 1861 Issue (PDF file of images)

New, David (3)

New Mexico Postal History

O'Reilly, Michael Hunstville, Alabama in the CSA
Papadopoulos, Alexios (8) British Post Offices in the Levant
  Perlman, Michael (2) Mail Directives on Western Mail, PDF file
Risvold, Floyd (1) "Gold Rush" sampler
Risvold, Floyd (4) Mixed Country Combination Frankings
Risvold, Floyd (1) Life and Times of Abraham Lincoln
  Risvold, Floyd Risvold Albums, index to links of 82 PDF files
Roth, Steven (2) Waterways in the Carriage of CSA Mail
  Ryterband, Dan (1)

United States Free Frank Covers

Ryterband, Dan (8)

Fire on the Water

Schwartz, Mark (8) Boston Postal History to 1851, 2015 C of C
Schwartz, Barry (6) 1893 Columbian Issue
Schwartz, Barry (5) 1898 Trans-Miss Issue
Stach. Ken (2) Dakota Territorial Expresses
  Stach, Ken (5) Nebraska Territory Postal History, PDF file
  Stach, Ken (5) Missouri River Steamboats, PDF file
  Stach, Ken (1) Steamboat Yellowstone, PDF file
  Taschenberg, Rich (1) 10c Reay Entires, PDF file
  Vignola, Frank (4)

Nepal: Sri Pashupati Issues, Part 1 (PDF only)

  Vignola, Frank (5)

Nepal: Sri Pashupati Issues, Part 2 (PDF only)

  Vignola, Frank (4)

Nepal: Sri Pashupati Issues, Part 3 (PDF only)

  Vignola, Frank (5)

Nepal Postal Stationery (PDF only)

Walske, Steve (1) 1869 Issue Uses to France, NYC2016 Court of Honor
  Walske, Steve (1)

British Blockade During the Revolutionary War

  Walske, Steve (1)

British Naval Blockade during the War of 1812

  Walske, Steve (1)

Civil War Blockade of the Southern Coasts

Walske, Steve (1) Transcontinental Pony Express, NYC2016 Court of Honor
Walske, Steve (6) Overland Mails of the Westward Expansion
Walske, Steve (8) North American Blockade Run Mail, 1775-1865
Walske, Steve (1) Metz Balloon Posts, 1870
Walske, Steve (8) San Francisco: Postal Hub 1849 to 1869 (Japan 2011)
Walske, Steve (8) 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War Siege Mail, (Philex99 Grand Prix)
Walske, Steve (2) 1870-1871 Boules de Moulins Mail to Besieged Paris
Walske, Steve (1) Packet Mail between USA and FRANCE, 1783-1793
Walske, Steve (8) Mail Between US and France: 1840-1875
Walske, Steve (8) Civil War - Through the Lines Special Mail Routes
Walske, Steve (5) 1870-1871 Franco-Prussian War
Walske, Steve (1) The Pony Express
Walske, Steve (3) Civil War Blockade Mail
"Lafayette" Highlights France Classic Errors (sold on behalf of a client)
"Lafayette" Highlights U.S. 1869 Pictorials (sold on behalf of a client)
Weiss, William (1) Multiple Impressions on Postal Cards
  Williams, Charles Germany, INFLA Rates, a presentation in PDF

Richard Frajola (Jul 2019)