The Frederick Mayer Collection

The Postal History of Macao: 1796 to 1900. This is a presentation of the eight frame exhibit collection formed by Mr. Frederick Mayer. To view thumbnails a complete frame, click the appropriate frame number link. Each frame page has thumbnails for the individual pages that when clicked, show the full size page. Additional collections formed by Mr. Mayer are linked from the "features" page and on the Mayer Foundation stamp collection home page here.

PDF file of entire exhibit here.

Title Page Introduction, Pre-Adhesive Period Frame 1
Pre-Adhesive Period Frame 2
Pre-Adhesive Period Frame 3
Pre-Adhesive Period (Hong Kong Adhesives) Frame 4
Adhesive Period (1884-1888) Frame 5
Adhesive Period (1888-1895) Frame 6
Adhesive Period (1892-1897) Frame 7
Adhesive Period (1897-1899) Frame 8

Richard Frajola (April 2, 2007)