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If you have fine postal history material of the classic period to 1876 that you wish to sell, please contact me.

Link (click on image) will take you to items currently available which are listed in PhilaMercury census database. My retail stock is primarily sold against existing want lists.

Completed sales but listings remain for reference. You may check regular inventory here for similar items.

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August 5, 2019 Sale. A small "Buy or Bid" sale that includes early stampless with 1797 use from St. Louis, stamped covers with patriotics as well as an exceptional group of 2c Black Jack uses in highest quality. Western Express items include a Pony Express use and two used propaganda envelopes (Putt's and Sammy's). Confederate States includes an inbound blockade-run cover from Fraser Trenholm in London.

(Sake over August 5, 2019)

The John Olenkiewicz Postal History Collection. A net price sale. Click on map to view the lots.

A collection of collections. Most material is neatly mounted and well annotated. Collection material and is offered in larger lots to preserve the information.

John's important study collections include mails to and from the Connecticut in the period 1750 to 1870 era.  The pre 1800 Norwich material probably represents the largest holding in private hands relative to the founding of an 18th Century United States Post Office.

(Sale over April 16, 2019)

Confederate States Provisionals - The "Doma" Collection. A "Buy or Bid" sale that ends 27 November 2018. Includes covers and stamps with several ex Caspary.

(Sale over November 28, 2018)

Postal History of the Western Overland Routes  - An important net price sale posted here and on Stamp Auction Network. The sale includes many ex Kramer and Walske covers that were illustrated in the Mails of the Westward Expansion book by Walske and Frajola. Table of contents and links page here

Additional postal history items that are available but are not included in this sale may be found here.

(Net price ended on August 12, 2018)


The Henry Conland Family US Stamp Collection  - I have the honor of working with, and preparing for resale, the three generation stamp collection started by Henry H. Conland (collecting 1918 to 1943), and continued by Henry J. Conland and Henry H. Conland.

I have collection-mounted 64 pages of just the 1908 Series Washington - Franklin imperforate issues as a sample (click title page at left to view the section).

Other sections include:

1. Some wonderful early mint coils some collected on the spot, and some added later that are signed by Bartels, Ward, etc - with imperf coils, coils collected in strips of four with guide lines, and paste-ups.

2. There is an extensive US revenue collection mounted on the special 1943 Scott National pages for revenues with several rarities. But the real joy for me is seeing complete sections of the more obscure stamps like the mint Motor Vehicle use stamps of WWII era complete mint, Playing Cards and the extensive group of Puerto Rico Rectified Spirits.

3. The basic collection includes 20th Century mint singles, blocks, position blocks, plate blocks, etc.

(added June 2018) (sold Jun 27 2018)

Black Jacks - One frame exhibit-mounted collection. An excellent survey collection with material from Faust, Metzger and Allen collections. Click icon for the PDF file. Stamp at left is a never hinged example in mint block of 24. (added May 2018)(most sold Jun 14, see stock page here for available ex Faust items)

Vermont's Stampless Era - The important collection formed by Richard Marek. Offered intact less the British North American Mails section which Dick continues to collect. Details upon request.
(added March 2018)
(sold Mar 14 2018)

International Postage Stamp Albums (4), Scott Ne Plus Ultra Albums and Pages, 19th Century (printed circa 1921-1929). Stamp collection to 1900 on 570+ linen hinged pages that have been scanned. Certainly the ultimate album of the era with pre-printed pages for 19th century stamps. Nice China, etc.
(2017 sold)

United States Fancy Stampless, A large portion of the collection formed by Henry Conland. Link takes you to a 75 page PDF file of the mounted group. It has been sold intact (added May 2017)

Nepal (1881-1930) - Individual items and small collections listed in 100 lots. Includes postal history and stamps with material from Singer, Hellrigl, H.S. Gupta and Sanford collections (added January 2017).

The Wine Stamp Enthusiast - A portion of the Henry Conland collection of United States Wine Revenue stamps. A mounted one frame exhibit of these, "A Taste of the Best" is linked at left. It has been sold intact  May 2016.

[February 2015 Sale], The "Baja California" collection of California illustrated covers, Western Express, and exceptional postal history and inbound uses from British North America

[September 2014 Sale] Transcontinental uses via water from of the Steve Walske collection and selected additional material. Includes early California letters send around the Horn and via Mexico as well as contract mails Via Panama and Via Tehuantepec. Inbound mail includes Canada.

The collection of California Private Mails, 1849 - 1856 formed by Richard Schaefer and as shown in the Western Express journal. Click icon for listings.


The California Pioneer Express portion of the Steve Walske "Heart of the West" collection (retained material will be incorporated into a new exhibit). Click icon for listings.

Portions of the Steve Walske "Heart of the West" collection (retained material will be incorporated into a new exhibit). The British Columbia & Vancouver Island, New South Wales and South America sections. Click icon for listings.

I am pleased to present portions of the Steve Walske "Heart of the West" collection (retained material will be incorporated into a new exhibit).

Far East section as a PDF file (sold intact)

Trans-Atlantic covers ex Dick Winter collection. Most on original album pages.

I am pleased to present the collection of Swiss Maritime Mail formed by Richard Schaefer. Primarily material of the pre-adhesive era, this collection is offered by geographical regions and includes mail to and from Switzerland. Covers appeared in November 2012 sale here.

The "Chicago" collection of highest quality inland waterway with route agents, as well as sailing ship, steamship, and steamboat packet markings. The dispersal of a thirty year collection formed for a private client.

I am pleased to present the collection of Western Express franked covers formed by Steve Whitington. This presentation includes brief histories of the express companies and includes new information in many, if not most, cases.

Richard Frajola (August 2019)