The Henry Conland Family Collection

I have the honor of working with, and preparing for resale, the three generation stamp collection started by Henry H. Conland (collecting 1918 to 1943), and continued by Henry J. Conland and Henry H. Conland.

The collections includes:

1. Some wonderful early mint coils some collected on the spot, and some added later that are signed by Bartels, Ward, etc - with imperf coils, coils collected in strips of four with guide lines, and paste-ups.

2. There is an extensive US revenue collection mounted on the special 1943 Scott National pages for revenues with several rarities. But the real joy for me is seeing complete sections of the more obscure stamps like the mint Motor Vehicle use stamps of WWII era complete mint, Playing Cards and the extensive group of Puerto Rico Rectified Spirits.

3. The basic collection includes 20th Century mint singles, blocks, position blocks, plate blocks - all plate positions, booklet panes (with and w/o plate numbers), varieties, and early FDCs from C4-6 to 1978.

I have collection-mounted a sampling below that gives a glimpse of what the collecting philosophy was like in an earlier era.

1908 Series Imperforates

PDF file here, click thumbnails for larger image

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

Frame 4

Richard Frajola (June 12, 2018)