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Update Sep 2013, any remaining unsold items have been moved into regular inventory here.

I am pleased to present the collection of California Pioneer Expresses formed by Richard Schaefer. This collection of California express mails to 1857 was illustrated in the Western Express journal of the Western Cover Society over the last year. A PDF file (32 megs) of the entire collection with background information is here. In the listings, click images below for larger size scan. Click "page image" link in description to view exhibit page the cover appears on (with additional background information and maps).

The provenance of covers offered is given when available. When describing the material it became very apparent exactly how rare most of this material is. The best material has been owned by a only handful of great collectors since the early 1900s. When numbers of covers reported is given in descriptions, it reflects my records from auction and philatelic literature, as well as the Frank Levi auction records, which includes clippings gleaned from auctions held circa 1950 to 1980. I have also used the reference notes of Stanley Ashbrook and George Sloane. Undoubtedly, there are additional examples that I am not aware of or may have overlooked. Below the Table of Contents are some brief notes about the collectors and the way they are credited in the descriptions. I have written three background articles on the California private mails that are linked from the page here.

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Table of Contents (alphabetical order)

Post Office Mail, Adams Express - Dodge Express

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Evert's Express -  Gregory's Express

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Hawe's Express - Stanton & Co's Express

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Swart & Co's Express - Wines Express

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Book Reference Notes  - The standard reference works on Western Express include: Franks of the Western Expresses by M.C. Nathan, published by the Collectors Club of Chicago in 1973 and Letters of Gold by Jesse L. Coburn, published by the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society in 1984. Both of these works are dated by still worthwhile. For transcontinental Pony Express uses, The Pony Express, A Postal History by Frajola, Kramer and Walske, published by the Philatelic Foundation in 2005 is the most current reference. For Oregon express uses, Oregon Express Companies by Dale Forster, published by the author in 1985 and for Nevada expresses, Nevada Express by James M. Gamett, published by the Western Cover Society in 1998. As a general guide to worldwide gold mining operations and postal history, Gold Fever by Kenneth Kutz, published by the author in 1987.

A note about Alfred Lichtenstein - Alfred Lichtenstein formed one of the greatest collections of western express postal history of the twentieth century. The nucleus of the collection came from H.B. Phillips, an ex Wells, Fargo employee (see April 20, 1895 San Francisco newspaper article here), who searched for, and wrote about, western expresses in the 1890's. His daughter, Louise Boyd Dale, expanded the collection. Portions of the Dale - Lichtenstein  collections have been sold in several HR. Harmer auctions. A major portion of western express material was sold in the 1999 auction listed below but the material that was judged the best was sold in two sales in 2004. Much of the material from that sale is included in this offering. Because of the vast number of covers,  there were many better items left in balance lots.

A note about Edgar Jessup - Edgar Jessup was one of the best students and collectors of California express covers in the last century. Many of his articles appeared in the Western Postal History Society Journal in the 1950s and 60s. Most of his collection was sold to Marc Haas but before all of the material could be purchased, Jessup passed away. The remnants descended to Jessup's daughter, Virginia, who married Basil Pearce. The Peace material was eventually sold in 2002.

A note about Marc Haas - Luckily, Marc Haas preserved in print most of his best Western Express material by funding a book, Letters Of Gold, that illustrates many of the covers, including several ex Jessup covers. For more about Marc Haas and the dispersals of his collection, see page here.

Annotated list of some of the more important Western Express Sales -

Edward S. Knapp Collection, Parke-Bernet Galleries, May 5 to 10, 1941 - good sections of pony express and general western express.
Alfred F. Lichtenstein California Express Covers, Eugene Costales, Apr 26-27, 1950 - first portion sold publicly (listed on this site as Lichtenstein)
Henry H. Clifford Collection of Western Postal History, Robert A. Siegel Auctions, Jan 22-23, 1969
Western Express Covers, Chiefly Wells, Fargo (from the Hall collection), H.R. Harmer, Inc, Feb 21, 1973 - includes section of Pony Express
Western Expresses (Jerome Hawley collection), Sotheby, Parke, Bernet, Mar 30, 1978
Western Covers (Henry Chaloner collection), John A. Fox, Jul 20, 1980
California Postal History (Marc Haas material), Richard Frajola, Dec 14, 1985 - a portion of his original collection which he repurchased from Stanley Gibbons
The Edwards Collection of Western Express, Christie's Robson Lowe, Oct 29, 1991 - collection formed by Edward Grombacher (listed on this site as Edwards)
Western Express Companies, Louise Dale and Alfred Lichtenstein collections, H.R. Harmer, Inc, Sep 25, 1997 - a portion of the holding (listed on this site as Dale - Lichtenstein)
The Tahoe Collection, Schuyler Rumsey Auctions, Dec 4-6, 2002 - material owned by Basil Pearce estate, mostly inherited from Edgar Jessup after Jessup had sold best material to Marc Haas
Western Express Companies, Louise Dale and Alfred Lichtenstein collections, H.R. Harmer, Inc, May 13, 2004 - the final portions of the holding (listed on this site as Dale - Lichtenstein)

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