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Richard Frajola November 2012 Net Price Sale of Postal History

Including Selections from:
 Richard Schaefer Collection of Swiss Maritime Mail
"Chicago" collection of United States Steamboat Handstamps and Waterway Markings
Steve Whitington collection of Western Express

If you have fine postal history material of the classic period to 1876 that you wish to sell, please contact me.

Richard Schaefer Collection of Mail to and from Switzerland by Water

to Switzerland originating in Algeria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Fiume, France, Great Britain, Channel Islands, and Greece

(lots #101 - #130)

page 1

to Switzerland originating in Italy, Israel, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey

(lots #131 - #159)

page 2

to Switzerland originating in United States

(lots #160 - #163)

page 3

from Switzerland to Algeria, Brazil, Cuba, Denmark, Great Britain, Channel Islands and Italy

(lots #164 - #193)

page 4

from Switzerland to Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Russia, Sweden Syria, Tunis and Turkey

(lots #194 - #208)

page 5

from Switzerland to United States

(lots #209 - #222)

page 6

"Chicago" Collection of United States Waterway and Packet Handstamps


Sailing Ship Pursers, Waterway Route Agent, Steamboat Entry, Post Office Agents, Wharf Agents, Name of Steamboat Markings (Altoona through Lodona)

(lots #223 - #251)

page 7

Name of Steamboat Markings (Iron City through P.C. Wallis)

(lots #252 - #272)

page 8

Steve Whitington
Collection of Unites States Western Express

Pony Express, Alta Express through Thompson's Express

(lots #273 - #297)

page 9

Tracy & Co's Express through Whiting & Co's Express, Overland Mail Directives

(lots #298 - #312)

page 10

Unites States and British Commonwealth

United States (to 1861 issue), Canada, New South Wales, Tasmania

(lots #313 - #330)

page 11

Swiss Maritime Mail, 1690 to 1860, collection formed by Richard Schaefer which is newly offered in this sale as individual covers. This portion of the collection has been documented in numerous handbooks and in philatelic literature. For more information on the collection, see introductory page here.

United States Packet Marks and Inland Waterway, the "Chicago" waterway collection was formed by a discerning client. Formed between 1982 and 2007, quality was of paramount importance. All prices have been reduced for the first time in this offering. See introduction page for original offering here.

United States Western Express covers, the Steve Whitington collection with two pony express uses. Although many of the covers have been sold, several rare uses remain and are now very attractively priced. The descriptions include brief histories of the express companies that includes new information. See introduction page here.

United States and British Commonwealth postal history

Richard Frajola (December 2012)