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United States - Stampless Covers




York Pa red allegorical figure fancy postmark, exceptionally clear strike, on May 21, 1827 folded letter to Columbia, Pennsylvania, manuscript "6" rate, file folds away from the marking, PF cert

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Forwarded by Harnden & Co, Boston red oval backstamp on January 27, 1848 folded letter from Boston, per Cunard steamer Cambria, to Liverpool and onward to Paris, France, red shield "Paid H & Co" and black Harnden Liverpool boxed handstamp, London Paid transit and rate, French entry postmark 

stock #7428




First German Treaty Trip, folded cover from Bremen carried on the first westbound trip under US - Germany treaty of March 1848, the first direct closed mail service departure connecting Bremen and the United States, endorsed folded cover with "pr Steamer Washington" and "ST P.A. Bremen" March 14 (1848) origin postmark, carried on the Ocean Line steamer Washington that departed Bremen on March 15 and arrived at New York on April 7, 1848, red "24" rate due handstamp, docket as received April 8, 1848

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San Francisco, via Nicaragua, to Scotland, "pr Stmr Brother Jonathan to San Juan, thence Via Nicaragua & New York" endorsement on Gibb correspondence blue linen cover to Glasgow, Scotland, entered the US mails with black "New York Jun 25" debit "21" exchange office postmark, "1/'-" due handstamp, bright green Liverpool JY 6 1853 transit backstamp and orange Glasgow boxed arrival backstamp, the Brother Jonathan (Vanderbilt Independent Line) departed San Francisco on June 1, 1853 and after the Nicaragua crossing was next transmitted from Nicaragua to New York on the Northern Light and then by Collins Line steamer Arctic

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Collin's steamer Nashville chartered from Havre Line to replace the Pacific, manuscript "pr Nashville" endorsement on April 5, 1855 folded letter sent unpaid  from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, green Liverpool AP 5 1855 transit, 3c debit to Philadelphia 24c due exchange office, carried on the only return voyage of this steamer with British mails (see following lot for a letter prepaid on this trip)

stock #7553




Collin's steamer Nashville chartered from Havre Line to replace the Pacific, cover with original April 5, 1855 letter from Attercliffe, U.K., manuscript Paid 1/- rate, green Liverpool AP 6 1855 transit, New York exchange, 21 cents credit as American packet, carried on the only round trip voyage of this steamer with British mails mails (see previous lot for a letter sent unpaid on this trip)

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New Jersey Express Company, blue, horse illustrated, embossed corner card cover used to England, endorsed "Pr Persia" (Cunard Line) entered the mails with "New Brunswick NJ" postmark and red manuscript "Paid 24" rate, red "19" credit and "America Liverpool OP 10 (1858)" entry, arrival backstamp, ex Wink Brown

stock #7183


United States - Adhesives on Cover




5c Brown 1847 issue (#1, large margins) tied by red grid cancel to 1850 folded cover to Norwich, matching "Providence R.I. Oct 1" origin postmark, 1850 docket

stock #7594




10c Black 1847 issue (#2, large margins) on May 16, 1850 folded letter to Philadelphia, red grid cancel and matching Cincinnati, Ohio May 10 postmark, ex LeBow

stock #6547




3c Orange brown (#10) tied to 1851 folded cover to New York by magenta thimble "Paid" cancel and red "Boston Jul 19 3 cts" postmark, 1851 docket, this paid cancel in magenta is reported only between July 12 and July 19, 1851

stock #7597




Philadelphia & N. York Express Steam Boat Co, Wm. P. Clyde, Agent, Philadelphia, blue embossed, steamer illustrated, cameo advertising cover, Clement imprint, used to New Jersey, 3c rose (#65, light gum stain) tied by large geometric cancel, matching "Old Point Comfort, VA" postmark to left, minor reduction at right, ex Jarrett

stock #L112




Brainard & Co. (5c) black 1844 Independent Mail Company adhesive (#24L1, cut in at left) tied by pen stroke to folded cover to New York, almost certainly originated at Troy, PF cert

stock #7579


British Commonwealth



Canada, 1851 issue 6d slate violet on laid paper (Scott #2), horizontal pair with strong laid lines and beautiful color, clear to mostly large margins, very faint vertical crease affects left stamp, canceled by a single neat target cancel on double 6d rate Kennedy correspondence folded letter to New York City, red "St. Thomas U.C., Oct 22 1852" origin postmark, red "Canada" in arc exchange handstamp, some additional red canceling ink ties pair, few recorded multiples of this stamp on cover, 2004 Vincent Greene certificate which notes the crease, ex Admiral Harris, Wilkinson, Cantor and Dankin

higher dpi image of pair

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Canada, 1854 issue 3d red on soft ribbed paper (Scott #4c, large margins) tied to cover to Hamilton by grid cancel, Toronto August 18, 1858 origin postmark, Hamilton arrival backstamp, ex Hackmey

stock #7225




Canada, 1854 issue 3d red on thin paper (Scott #4d, large margins) tied to folded cover to Kingston by target cancel, Montreal May 22, 1854 origin postmark, arrival backstamp, ex Hackmey

stock #7226




Canada, 1857 issue, d rose (Scott #8), vertical pair with large margins all around, deep rich color, tied by "Point-Levi LC, NO 6 1858" postmark on immaculate blue folded letter to Quebec, the finer of two reported Ferriage rate covers bearing this stamp, 1998 Vincent Greene certificate, ex Tardif, Hilmer, Nickle, Firby, Cantor and Dankin 
Carried on the St. Lawrence Ferry between the Post Offices of Quebec and Point-Levi showing the special rate comprising of one-half penny drop letter rate plus one-half penny ferry fee.

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New South Wales, 1850 issue, 2d blue (Scott #3, full even margins, corner crease at lower left), barely tied to folded cover to West Maitland by barred oval cancel, Warialda August 10 origin backstamp with central crown, transit backstamps, heavy ink offsets on front and spindle hole at center, ex Forster

image of reverse

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Tasmania, 6d grey violet (SG #45, full margins), tied to fresh mourning cover to London by barred numeral "52" cancel, red diamond Post Office Launceton September 25, 1865 origin datestamp to left, red Paid November, 1866 arrival, signed Holcolmbe

stock #7349


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