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United States


Helvetia, Illinois, via France, to Switzerland, July 11, 1842 manuscript postmark and "P.P. 25" paid 25c rate on folded letter to Buron, Switzerland, endorsed "per New York, Havre de grace (Maryland)" at top, carried by private ship to France with "Outre Mer August 20 Le Havre" entry, Paris transit backstamp, French exchange office Huningue August 23, 1842 backstamp, red orange "C.T.F." handstamp (Colonies Transit Francaise), red crayon 26 for foreign postage and 32kr. total postage due, ex Jean Winkler

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New Orleans, via Basel forwarder, to Switzerland, September 18, 1852 New Orleans printed circular to Niederutzwl, sent under cover to the Basel based forwarding agent Landerer & Merkle who franked the letter with two copies 5 rappen (Scott #10, complete to full margins) prepaying printed matter rate for domestic Swiss mail, red Basel September 8 1852 postmark

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First Day Prussian Closed Mail Convention, New York  October 30, 1852 postmark, arc "Paid" and pencil "35" PCM rate on folded letter to Geneva, red "12" credit, carried by Collin's Line steamer Baltic on first trip under the new postal convention, "Aachen" transit backstamp, blue ms "f1" and "Franco" handstamp, Baden Railway backstamp

Newspaper announcement of Baltic to carry first mails is here

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Sunfish, Ohio, via P.C.M. to Signau, two copies 3c dull red tied to cover to Switzerland by Sunfish, Ohio Feb 26 (1857) postmark, endorsed "per Prussian Closed Mail" at top but prepaid 5c open mail rate rather than 35c PCM rate, black New York 23 exchange datestamp of March 4, carried by Cunard Liner Arabia from Boston to Liverpool, Aachen and Basel 1857 transit backstamps, Swiss transit 6 kr. added to the 45 kr due Prussia and total postage due to 51 kr., or 185 Swiss rappen, marked in magenta ink, ex Gene Scott

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