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Tracy & Co's Express (1859 - Nov 1863)

Edward W. Tracy began serving as a Wells Fargo’s General Agent for the Washington and Oregon Territories in July 1859. He also formed a partnership with E. Norton and E. L. James to operate an express service to the interior. The partnership with Norton and James was dissolved in March 1862. Tracy sold out to Wells, Fargo in November 1863.



Tracy & Co.'s Express, Paid printed frank with Old English type and ornate frame on 3c red Nesbitt entire to Salem Oregon, blue company handstamp of the Portland office, slightly reduced at sides, sealed tear at top, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W261


Tracy & Co's Oregon Express, Paid, printed four line frank on previously franked Wells,  Fargo 3c red Nesbitt entire to "Fort Walla, Near Walla Walla City," Washington Territory, blue Tracy & Co. Express Portland oval handstamp, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W263


Tracy & Co. Oregon Express, Paid printed frank in waving banner design on 3c red Nesbitt entire to Walla Walla, Washington Territory, blue "Tracy & Cos. Express Portland"  handstamp, cover wrinkles, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W264



Tracy & Co. Oregon Express, Paid banner frank and two line Salmon River Express Paid One Dollar  surcharge on 3c pink 1861 issue entire, paste-back only, conjunctive use with blue Wells Fargo Walla Walla (Washington Territory) Sep 8 oval datestamp, matching "Collect" in oval handstamps penciled through, slightly soiled, two reported examples of this frank used, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W266


Truman & Co's Express (1865 - 1868)

James C. Truman began his J.C. Truman Express in January 1864 soon after arriving in San Francisco. He took Chapman as a partner on February 16, 1864 and after Chapman withdrew in 1865, he formed Truman & Co's Express. It operated from San Francisco to San Jose by rail and to Watsonville and Santa Cruz until 1868.




Truman & Co's Express, rectangular box frank with new address below, "Merchants Exchange Building, Battery Street, Opposite the Post Office," on 3c pink 1864 issue entire to Santa Cruz, manuscript September 1867 express cancel with date, cover edge repair at foot

stock #W269


Wells, Fargo & Co.  (Jul 1852 - Apr 1895)

The famous bank and nationwide express was formed by Henry Wells and William Fargo on March 18, 1852 when other directors of American Express did not wish to open offices in California. Agents of the new firm arrived in California in July 1852 and after a long series of acquisitions, including Gregory's Express, Todd's Express, and Hunter's Express, they had 24 branch offices in operation by January 1855. With the collapse of Adams & Company in February 1855, and after surviving the financial panic of that year, Wells Fargo emerged as the dominant banking force and leader in the express business. The abandoned their domestic letter carrying activities as announced in April 20, 1895 newspaper article here.



Wells, Fargo & Co. frank on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to Sacramento, blue Wells, Fargo Express San Francisco double circle datestamp

stock #W316


Wells, Fargo & Co. frank on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to state Senator Berry at Sacramento, blue Wells, Fargo Express Yreka oval handstamp, manuscript "March 8" date at top, John Berry was elected to the senate in September 1857 to serve from Siskiyou County, perhaps 10 known of this frank in blue on 3c Nesbitt, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W279



Wells, Fargo & Co. frank overprinting red Freeman & Co. Express frank on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to Folsom, additional frank vertically at left, blue Wells, Fargo San Francisco Jun 5 (1861) double circle datestamp, these overprints were distributed following the purchase of Freeman & Co's Express in 1860, minor cover edge tear at top

stock #W318



Wells, Fargo & Co. red frank on 10c green star die entire used to Philadelphia, endorsed "Per St. Louis - Via Panama" at lower left, blue Wells, Fargo San Francisco double circle "Apr 11" datestamp, after carriage via Panama, Wells, Fargo delivered to Blood's Local Post for delivery and with their "May 1" double circle datestamp and "2 cts" due, minor soiling, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W283



Wells, Fargo & Co. vertical frank on 3c pink 1864 issue entire with all-over design advertising of J.C. Meusdorfer, Dealer in Hats & Caps, Sacramento in pale brown, blue Wells, Fargo double circle datestamp, 1868 docketing at left

stock #W290


Wells, Fargo & Co. (Surcharged Franks)

Several Wells, Fargo franked entires bear surcharges. These are generally associated with additional fees for premium service, by pony express for example, or for carriage on difficult or dangerous routes. On some few, the actual service has not been determined.



Wells, Fargo & Co., Paid 50 Cts. surcharged frank on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to San Francisco, blue Wells, Fargo Stockton "Aug 3" oval datestamp, service unidentified, minor creases, the only reported used example of this surcharge and the only surcharge type reported used on any Nesbitt entire, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W280 $1750


Wells, Fargo & Co., Paid 25 Cents. surcharged frank on 3c pink 1861 issue entire addressed to Dalles, Oregon, blue Wells, Fargo Walla Walla "Mar 6" oval datestamp, premium service from Oregon and Idaho Territory mines, opened irregularly at right, four reported examples, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W286


Wells, Fargo & Co., Salmon River & Nez Perces, Express, Paid 50 Cents. surcharged frank on 3c pink 1861 issue entire addressed to Yreka, California, blue Wells, Bannock City "Dec 3" oval datestamp, premium service to the Idaho and Montana mining areas, minor creases, illustrated in Gold Fever, fewer than seven reported examples, ex Lichtenstein, Barkhausen and Kutz

stock #W287


Whiting & Co's Feather River Express  (1857 - 1868)

Fenton B. Whiting, and partners Henry C. Everts, G. W. Morley, and E. E. Meek, formed Whiting & Co's Feather River Express 1857. The express became the leading operator in northern Plumas County originally operating from its base in Quincy. Whiting’s operation was sold to Garland & Company in 1868.



Whiting & Co.'s Feather River Express, Paid,  boxed frank on 10c green Nesbitt entire addressed to East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, entered the mails with Bidwells Bar, California "Sep 18" postmark, four reported examples of this frank on 10c Nesbitt entires, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

stock #W297


Overland Mail Directives & Propaganda Covers



Overland Mail Via Los Angeles, three line imprinted directive on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to Downieville, California, San Francisco Jul 30, 1859 postmark, evidence of a label having been glued over the directive which would not have been applicable to a cover send from San Francisco to Downieville

stock #W309


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