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The "Chicago" Collection of Inland Waterway and Packetmarks

Offered by Richard Frajola

October 20, 2012 update: This offering is now closed. Remaining covers will appear in a future sale.

I am pleased to present the waterway collection formed by a discerning client who was a formerly the CEO of a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Chicago. The company transported goods on the Mississippi River making this a collecting area of natural interest. Formed between 1982 and 2007, quality was of paramount importance. 

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If you have fine postal history you wish to sell, please contact me.

  Table of Contents

Ocean Sailing Ships - Ocean Steamships

page 1

Inland Lake Steamers - Inland Waterway Route Agents

page 2

Alabama River Steamers

page 3

Upper Mississippi River - Missouri River Steamers

page 4

Ouachita (Washita) River Steamers

page 5

Red River Steamers

page 6

Mississippi River Steamers

page 7

Ohio River Steamers

page 8

Illinois, Tennessee, White, Yazoo, Sunflower Rivers - Wharf Agents

page 9

Book Reference Notes  - The standard reference works:

Feldman, Hugh, U.S. Contract Mail Routes By Water, Star Routes, 1824 - 1875
Lytle-Holdcamper List, Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States, 1790 - 1868
Milgram, James W., Vessel-Named Markings on U.S. Inland and Ocean Waterway, 1810 - 1890
Simpson's U.S. Postal Markings, 1851-61

List of some of the more important auction sales that included packetmarks

(Somdal Collection) U.S. Waterway Packetmarks, Sotheby Park Bernet Stamp Auction Co, Sep 24, 1980
(Haas Collection) U.S. Postal History, Auction #21, Richard Frajola, Inc, Sep 7, 1985
David L. Jarrett Collection US Postal Markings, Christie's Robson Lowe, Oct 9 - 10, 1990
(John Eggen Collection), Schuyler Rumsey Auctions, Sale #26, Apr 27-29, 2007

Richard Frajola (July 6, 2012)