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"Chicago" Collection of Waterway Markings

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River Steamers -
Alabama Rivers


SB. Baton Rouge dark blue ornamented circle handstamp, perfect strike, on undated folded cover to New Orleans, entered the mails with blue "Steam" handstamp of Mew Orleans and pre 1845 rate of "18 3/4" cents due, the only reported examples, ex Jarrett  

(stock #L109, $4500)

Packet James Hewitt red steamboat illustrated handstamp on February 6, 1850 folded letter from Demopolis to Montgomery, Alabama, endorsed "To be mailed in Mobile" and letter was carried outside of normal mails and posted with blue Mobile Feb 7 postmark and "10" due rate, ex Somdal

(stock #L168, $6500)

Packet Monarch red ornamented and shaded handstamp on January 1, 1852 folded letter from Fairfield, Alabama to (Mobile), their double oval "Steam 5" due handstamp

(stock #L139, $850)

Steamer Eliza Battle blue ornamented and shaded handstamp, exceptionally clear strike, on February 12, 1854 folded letter from Jones Bluff, Alabama to Mobile, their double oval "Steam 5" due handstamp

(stock #L111, $2750)


Mobile & Montgomery Tuesday Evening Packet St. Nicholas, J.J. Cox - Master deep green illustrated handstamp, pefect strike,  on May 20, 1859 folded letter from Pine Bluff, Alabama to to Mobile, their double oval "Steam 6" due handstamp, PF cert, ex Haas and Jarrett

(stock #L101, $12,500)

Regular Tuesday Packet Rescue, For Demopolis, Bladon & Cullums Springs, Capt. H.R. Johnston blue oval handstamp vertically at left of small cover to Washington, Louisiana, entered the mails at Mobile with 3c dull red (#26, faulty) tied by "Steamboat" straight line handstamp, matching :Jul 8 1860" double circle postmark

(stock #L181, $1250)

Regular Wednesday & Saturday Packet Advance, For Demopolis, Bladon & Cullum's Springs, Capt. S.W. Abels blue cogged oval handstamp vertically at left of 3c red Nesbitt entire to West Feliciana, Louisiana, entered the mails with Mobile Aug 6 1859 postmark,

(stock #L176, $800)

Steamer Messenger (Alabama and Miss. Rivers) watery brown ink, ornamented oval handstamp on cover to New Orleans, 3c dull red (#26, cut at left) tied by manuscript cancel

(stock #L189, $450)

Steamer Jewess, Henry Shillito, Master, Israel Pickens, Clerk magenta on white label on reverse of 3c pink 1864 issue entire used to Bladon, Alabama, pencil "Rec'd 17 May 1866" docket at left

(stock #L174, $750)

(Cahaba, Alabama) red steamboat illustrated handstamp, deep hull and single stack variety, used as a "Steam" entry marking from steamer "Lowndes" on the Cahaba River,  matching "5" due handstamp on wrinkled cover addressed to Cahaba

(stock #L158, $1000)

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