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"Chicago" Collection of Waterway Markings

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River Steamers -
Upper Mississippi River

Steamer Dr. Franklin (#2) red ornamented rectangle handstamp on April 21, 1851 steamboat illustrated bill of lading for a shipment of rope from Warsaw, Illinois to Nelson's Landing, Lake Peppin (about 60 miles south of St. Paul, Minnesota)

(stock #L188, $600)

Kate Cassel straight line handstamp tying 3c Nesbitt entire used to Hasting, Minnesota Territory, used during the brief time the vessel operated on the Upper Mississippi, illustrated in Risvold, the only reported example, ex Risvold 

(stock #L214, $1250)

S.B. Grey Eagle straight line handstamp with manuscript day tying 3c dull red (#25) to cover to St. Louis, the vessel operated on the Upper Mississippi, illustrated in Risvold, the only reported example on full cover, ex Risvold 

(stock #L216, $3000)

River Steamers -
Missouri River (and downstream to Mississippi River)


Pr Steamer Harry Of The West bold, two line handstamp on folded letter to St. Louis, letter dated from New Orleans on March 20, 1844, letter fold splitting

(stock #L108, $2000)

Recovered from wreck of steamer ALGOMA, "burned at the wharf at St. Louis, on the morning of 29th July, 1849. Said boat had a large California mail - a large porttion of which was entirely destroyed. Jno. M. Wimer, P.M.", text of printed label on reverse of cover recovered from the wreck, it had already been processed with St. Louis "Steam 10" red entry due handstamp, pencil 1849 docket at left, cover shows fire damage, two reported examples, three contemporary newspaper clips are compiled in pdf file here

(stock #L116, $12500)

Morning Star bold, circular handstamp with star in center tying 3c dull red (#11) to cover to Geneva, Ohio, original four page letter written aboard the steamer, dated May 30, (1856) with excellent content (letter transcription here), begins: "We are aground again for the hundredth time since we commenced ascending this stream." entered the mail with "Steam" handstamp of St. Louis

(stock #L107, $9500)

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Richard Frajola (July 2012)