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The "Chicago" Collection of Inland Waterway and Packetmarks

Offered by Richard Frajola

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River Steamers -
Illinois River

Regular Packet Altoona ornamented red oval handstamp on "W.C. Boilvin & Co, Commission & Forwarding House. Peoria, Illinois" blue embossed cameo advertising cover used to Hennepin, Illinois, endorsed "order" at top to obviate need for U.S. postage, carried between two towns on the Illinois River

(stock #L179, $500)

River Steamers -
Tennessee River

New Orleans & Florence Packet Cherokee ornamented magenta oval handstamp, on partially printed, steamboat illustrated, bill of lading for 86 bales of cotton  dated at Eastport, Tennessee January 14, 1850 for steamer Cherokee bound for New Orleans

(stock #L184, $200)

River Steamers -
White River


Mem. & White Riv. Pkt Hard Cash, May 15 1883  magenta boxed datestamp struck twice on 3c green 1870 issue entire to Memphis, Tennessee, manuscript "Draft $275" at top, pin holes, with two unrelated bills of lading for goods shipped on the Hard Cash

(stock #L146, $650)


River Steamers - Yazoo River

Packet Hard Times orange red boxed handstamp on folded cover to New Orleans, pencil note that contents were dated at Yazoo City, Mississippi docket is October 13, 1847  from Crosby & Company

(stock #L133, $1500)

River Steamers -
Sunflower River


Sun-Flower River Packet News Boy Dec 10 1868 double circle datestamp on 3c pink 1864 issue entire to New Orleans, the Sunflower River is a tributary of the Yazoo River

(stock #L173, $275)

Wharf and Steamboat Agents


Forwarded By Johnson & Peay's New Wharf Boat, Napoleon, Ark ornamented handstamp on 3c red Nesbitt entire to Napoleon, Arkansas, New Albany, Indiana Feb 16 postmark, newspaper notices mentioning Johnson & Peay's Wharf Boat were found here and here

(stock #L140, $750)

Paid F.A. Dentzel, Agt N.O. P.O. neat cancel tying 3c dull red (#11, full margins) to folded letter dated June 7, 1852 at Alexandria, Louisiana to New Orleans,  clear strike New Orleans, Alexandria & Natchitoches Packet P. Dalmau ornamented handstamp to left, letter mentions, "Our jail was set on fire this morning by an inmate a runaway Negro - as the door was opened he jumped out & was shot by the jailor & lies speechless tho not yet dead," ex Stephen Brown

(stock #L130, $900)

From Geo. D. Hite New Orleans red double lined oval handstamp of the wharf agent on 3c red Nesbitt entire "For Freight by Andy Fulton" to New Orleans, The Andy Fulton operated on the Ouachita Lower Tensas Rivers, Hite was the agent in New Orleans as shown in advertisement here.

(stock #L195, $350)

Geo. D. Hite & Co. Steamboat Agent, New Orleans red double lined oval handstamp of the wharf agent on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to New Orleans, manuscript cancel, From Steamer Lecomte, C. Johnson, Capt. brown oval packet handstamp

(stock #L197, $750)

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Richard Frajola (July 2012)