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French North Africa to Switzerland, October 19, 1834 folder letter from French soldier at Bone to Neuchatel, "A. / Armee Expedre D'Afrique" three line handstamp of Alger, manuscript "28" decimes rate and boxed "LF / 9D" handstamp for exchange through Pontarlier, blue arrival backstamp, ex Winkler

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French North Africa to Switzerland, November 18, 1834 folder letter from French soldier at Bone to Neuchatel, "B. / Armee Expedre D'Afrique" three line handstamp of Bone, manuscript "26" decimes rate and boxed "LF / 9D" handstamp for exchange through Pontarlier, blue arrival backstamp, ex Winkler

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French North Africa to Switzerland, July 29, 1840 missionary folder letter from Oran to Pastor Eduard Bernoulli at Basel, "Alger Algeria" origin postmark and red "L.F. 10. D" handstamp zone 8 credit to France for exchange through Huningue, Bernoulli was in charge of the Basel Mission in North Africa

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Brazil to Switzerland, February 25, 1825 Nova Friburgo to Romont, letter carried by French merchant ship to Le Havre, red "Colonies Par / Le Havre" handstamp, via Paris to Fischer Post, the only reported use from the Swiss Colony in Brazil, ex Sieber and Glaettle

In 1818 the Republik of Friburg, Switzerland signed a treaty wherein the Portuguese crown offered to subsidize the expenses of a group of Swiss settlers, grant them tax breaks and provide the necessary infrastructure to establish a Swiss Colony in Brazil. This colony was established and became the new city of Nova Friburgo.

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Brazil to Switzerland, April 7, 1838 folded letter from Rio de Janeiro to Geneva, send by French packet Victor to Le Havre with French entry datestamp and boxed "Pays D'Outremer Par Le Havre" boxed handstamp, ex Winkler

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Brazil, via Royal Mail Steam Packet, to Switzerland, August 13, 1853 folded letter from Rio de Janeiro to Geneva, Swiss Confederation Consulate at Rio de Janeiro cachet on reverse, British office Rio Janeiro split ring "AU 12 1853" origin postmark, endorsed to and carried by the Great Western, London September 15, 1853 transit backstamp, boxed "Colonies & Art 13" handstamp, French entry, Geneva arrival backstamp and double rate postage due of 260 rappen, ex Ferreira

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Salonica, via Swiss Forwarder, to France, November 7, 1785 folded letter from Salonica to the Roux Freres firm in Marseille, via Milan in closed packet to the Geneva forwarding agent Merle d’Aubigne and with their forwarding notation on reverse, "Geneve" straight line postmark, the recipient was charged 14 sols for delivery from Geneva to Marseille


Salonica (present day Thessalonica) was in the Ottoman province of Macedonia and part of present day Bulgaria.


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Chile to Switzerland, November 17, 1834 folded letter from Valparaiso to Boudry, endorsed "par Jean Henry de Marseille" (French Navy vessel) at top, carried around the Horn and entered French mails with Marseilles datestamp and boxed "Pays D'Outremer" boxed handstamp, a rare use

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Cuba to Switzerland, November 10, 1858 folded letter from from Havana to Geneva, Havana  "NO 10 1858" split ring backstamp, carried by Royal Mail Steam Packet to Southampton, London transit backstamp, boxed 1F 60c" French accountancy handstamp, French entry and arrival backstamp, edge tear at top, red crayon "135" due

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Cuba to Switzerland, July 10, 1859 folded letter from from Havana, via New York, to Geneva, entered U.S. mails from American steamship with "New York Jul 16 Am Pkt" exchange backstamp and "19" debit to France (composed of 9c debit on 21c rate to Switzerland plus 10c steamship debit for carriage from Havana to New York), carried by Vanderbilt Line steamer Vanderbilt, octagonal Havre July 27 French entry, rated at Geneva with red "60 cs," crossed out and total 115 rappen due

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Denmark to Switzerland, September 14, 1799 folded letter from Copenhagen to Donath during Helvetic Period, manuscript "98" skilling on reverse, "Dannemark" straight line postmark, carried by Thurn & Taxis Post to Nueremberg

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Denmark to Switzerland, November 14, 1799 folded letter from Copenhagen to Donath during Helvetic Period, partially prepaid, manuscript "125" skilling on reverse, carried by Thurn & Taxis Post to Nueremberg, ex Winkler

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Denmark to Switzerland, August 19, 1809 folded letter from Copenhagen to Latsch, used during Dano - Swedish War (1808 - 1809) prepaid to Linz with manuscript "73" on reverse, rare "Dan. p. Hambourg, 22 Aout 1809" two line postmark, total due of 62 blutzger noted at left, ex Winkler

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Denmark to Switzerland, August 20, 1829 folded letter from Copenhagen to Filisur, prepaid "53" riksbankskilling marked on reverse, "Danemarck Par Hambourg" two line handstamp and arc "Hamburg F.TH + TAX OPA 1 Sept" transit backstamp, total due of 59 blutzger noted in red crayon, ex Winkler

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Alexandria, by Austrian Mails, to Switzerland, folded cover to St. Gallen with "Alexandrien" Austrian Office August 20 (circa 1854) origin postmark, Austrian Lloyd direct service to Trieste, double rate with red crayon 180 rappen due, St. Gallen  arrival backstamp, a scarce routing with this the only reported use to Switzerland by this route

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Fiume to Switzerland, December 21, 1763 folded letter from the free port of Fiume to Geneva and forwarded to Nantes, France, forwarding notation of Barthelemy Girodzon on side flap, after arranged transport to Geneva he posted the letter in French post office in Geneva, "23" sols postage

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Corsica to Switzerland, May 13, 1788 folded letter from a Swiss Colonel de Tavell, stationed with the troops of King Louis XVI, from Bastia (Island of Corsica) to Berne, "Corse" straight line postmark, "26" kreuzer due, ex Winkler and Sieber, the only reported use from Corsica to Switzerland

Letter was written during the period Napoleon Bonaparte was an officer at Corsica.

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France, via Sardinia, to Switzerland, December 16, 1844 folded letter from Marseille, via Nice, to Zuoz, Marseilles origin postmark, carried by the Rhone of the French Compagnie de Navigation Fraissnet  to Nice, "Via Di Nizza" transit, blue arrival backstamp, scarce routing by Fraissnet steamer

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Great Britain



Great Britain, via Fischer Post, to Switzerland, April 22, 1690 folded letter from London to Bern, manuscript "Port De Londres" endorsement on reverse, sent from London via Dover to Calais, then via Thurn and Taxis to Schaffhausen and by Beat Fischer Post to Berne, Fischer paid the Thurn and Taxis Reichspost in Schaffhausen 52 Kreuzer, addressee charged 56 Kreuzer, the only reported use during Fischer Post period (prior to the first European postal agreement signed in 1691)


Beat Fischer obtained postal rights in the Canton of Berne in 1675. A  transit treaty with Thurn and Taxis Post provided for mail exchange between Switzerland, European countries and England. Mail to England was to be exchanged through Bern and the Thurn and Taxis border exchange office in Roermond

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Great Britain, Penny Post, to Switzerland, June 19, 1781 folded letter from Greenwich to Basel, "Penny Post Paid, S/TU" fancy handstamp of Southwark on back flap, by Reichspost via Holland, Flanders, and Frankfurt to Basel, rate for London to German exit border was 1 shilling (marked on the back), red crayon 4 kreuzer due, ex Van Der Linden

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Great Britain, via Cuxhaven, to Switzerland, April 5, 1799 folded letter from London to Yverdon, red "Foreign Letter Office 99" postmark with "14" in center, sent via Yarmouth, Cuxhaven, to Hamburg and by the Thurn and Taxis to Basel, carried by Fischer Post from Basel to destination with "12 kreuzer due (Thurn & Taxis charge of 4 kr plus 8 Kreuzer for delivery to Yverdon), this route was necessitated by disruption of cross-Channel mails during the Napoleonic Wars, the only reported letter carried via this route to Switzerland

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Great Britain, Two Penny Post, to Switzerland, June 19, 1803 folded letter from Kent Road, London to Tavanne, two line "Kent Road 2py P. Paid" handstamp, prepaid "1/4" rate in manuscript, faint London transit backstamp, "66 Bienne" postmark, red "GPP" in oval backstamp, 11 decimes due for French and Swiss transit , the only reported use of a Two Penny Post marking on letter to Switzerland, aged, patch of paper loss at bottom, faulty

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Great Britain, via Danish P.O. Hamburg, to Switzerland, August 16, 1803 folded letter from London to Sion, manuscript "fco Hamburg" at left indicating prepayment to Hamburg, straight line "Hamburg: postmark of the Danish office, from Hamburg carried by Thurn and Taxis Post to Basel and by Fischer Post to Sion (Canton of Valais), a total of 28 kr due from recipient

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Great Britain, via Rotterdam Steamer, to Switzerland, September 23, 1828 folded letter from London to Geneva, endorsed "per Rotterdam Steamer" at top, red "Post Paid Ship Letter London" crown datestamp and 8d rate, carried by the Batavier, a Dutch vessel to Rotterdam, then via Arnheim and Emmerich (Prussia) and via Fisher Post, Geneva arrival backstamp, various charges were converted to 60 kreuzer due from recipient, the only example of Rotterdam ship letter use to Switzerland, ex Sieber

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Great Britain, via France, to Switzerland, March 17, 1834 folded letter from London to Wohlen, indistinct London backstamp and manuscript "1/8" rate, red "ANGL. EST" (Angleterre Estafette) French entry handstamp of express mail service at right, red "A.T.F." (Angleterre Transit France) handstamp, letter charged 34 kreuzer due in Switzerland, the express service is usually found only on mail to France

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Great Britain, via France, to Switzerland, July 31, 1844 folded letter from London to Flawil, red London Paid datestamp and "P." in oval handstamp, 5 pence paid to Calais rate, French Boulogne entry, red "A.T.F." handstamp, Huningue exchange office transit backstamp, 51 kreuzer total due, ex Jean Winkler and Hans Siebert

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Great Britain - Channel Islands



Jersey to Switzerland, October 20, 1801 folded letter from Jersey to Chur, "Jersey" straight line postmark and "Pd 2/6" rate for payment to Cuhafen, London transit and "Foreign Office" backstamp, carried by Turn and Taxis Post via Frankfurt to Basel, rare use during the Helvetik treaty period (1798-1803) which regulated German - Swiss mails, the only reported use during this period, ex Jean Winkler and Hans Sieber

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Corfu to Switzerland, September 25, 1811 folded letter from Corfu to Geneva, greenish "Posta Settinsulare Corfu" handstamp, sent by private ship via Naples, and via Gex, "Deb 99 Geneva" arrival postmark and "13" decimes due, the earlier of the two reported examples of mail from Corfu to Switzerland

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Greece to Switzerland, forwarded to Tuscany, October 18, 1839 folded letter from Athens to Rolle, Athens ornamented datestamp origin, Pireaus transit backstamp, sent via Malta and disinfected with slits, the station's "Purife Au Lazaret" ornamented cachet, from Malta via Livorno and disinfected again with boxed "Lazzaretto San / Rocco Di Livorno" cachet on reverse, via France with "Grece Marseille" red entry postmark, Geneva arrival postmark and forwarded to Florence with "Via S. Julien" exchange, a rare use, ex Akropolis

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Greece to Switzerland, March 30, 1846 folded letter from Athens to Geneva and re-directed to Paris, entered the mails with Marseille postmark, orange red Geneva arrival backstamp, forwarded with "Geneva Ferney" datestamp and with matching, rare boxed "R" handstamp

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