Mock Local Posts

Collection Formed By Richard Frajola

An exhibit of some of the classic frauds in the field of United States carriers and local posts. Early dealers and some collectors were not content with producing forgeries of many carriers and locals that existed genuine, they often fabricated bogus companies complete with "fantasy" stamp issues. 

This exhibit is arranged by the date the fantasy post was first reported in the philatelic press. The last page of each post includes a historical summary. Some purported Canada posts are included as well. Also, some genuine are noted as such.

This collection was first shown by me in the early 1990's and has since been dispersed. The nucleus of the collection was from the reference collection formed by George Sloane which I added to and organized. The scans were done from color copies and are not as clear as one might hope for.

Exhibit as PDF file


Frame 1 Cole's City Post
Murr's Utah Express
Lee's Dispatch 
Hourly Express Post
International Letter Express
Winan's City Post
Frame 2 Ker's City Post
Roadman's Penny Post
Springside Postage (Post Office)
McRobish & Co. Acapulco - S. Francisco Line
C. W. Bridge Despatch
Bell's Dispatch
Utah (Terr.) Postage
Hackett's City Post
Albany Letter Express
Baldwin's Railroad Postage
Frame 3 Hunt's Despatch
Bancroft's City Express
Whitteley's Express
Bowery Post Office
Down's Dispatch
J.M. Chute Letter Despatch
Le Beau City Post
New Haven And N.Y. Exp. Post
Langton & Co. Money Package
Prince Edwards Island
Frame 4 E.D. Prince Letter Dispatch
Warwick's City Dispatch Post
Kingman's City Post
Brown's City Post (Caricature)
Buffalo City Despatch
Hoogs & Madison Dispatch Post
New Haven City Despatch
Jay's (Richwood's) Dispatch
Turner's Dispatch
Nantucket Post
Whites Dispatch
Letter Penny Post

Richard Frajola (September 21, 2006)