The Confederate States Navy

The Collection of James Myerson
PDF file of full exhibit here (15 meg)

This is a collection of postal history related to the Confederate States Navy. It is not a traditional exhibit collection, nor is it intended to be. Rather, it is a collection mounted for enjoyment that includes additional information that can be absorbed at a leisurely pace.

This presentation and is loosely organized along the following outline:

The Individual State Navies (Album 1)
The Naval Battles (Albums 1 and 2)
Confederate States Navy Imprints (Albums 2 and 3)
The Specific Vessels (Albums 3 to 5, in alphabetical order)
Important Individuals (Album 5)
Organization and Departments of the CS Navy (Albums 5 and 6)
The Confederate States Marine Corps (Album 6)

Album 1

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Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Album 5

Album 6


Richard Frajola (May 2015)