Lafayette Collection

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One Franc 1849-1850 Stamps Of France

Classic Errors Of France From The "Lafayette" Collection

1849-1850 Ceres Issue

  1. 10c yellowish bistre tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  2. 10c brownish bistre tÍte-bÍche unused strip

  3. 10c brownish bistre tÍte-bÍche on cover to USA

  4. 10c greenish bistre tÍte-bÍche on cover

  5. 15c green tÍte-bÍche on cover front

  6. 20c black tÍte-bÍche unused block of 30

  7. 20c blue on yellow tÍte-bÍche unused block of 10

  8. 20c deep blue tÍte-bÍche unused block of 6

  9. 20c blue on bluish tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  10. 25c blue tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  11. 25c blue tÍte-bÍche on cover

  12. 40c orange retouched 4's unused in strip

  13. 40c orange reprint with retouched 4's unused in strip

  14. 1f carmine tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  15. 1f carmine tÍte-bÍche block on cover to Russia

  16. 1f carmine brown tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  17. 1f carmine brown tÍte-bÍche "barbiche" variety on cover

  18. 1f vivid vermilion tÍte-bÍche unused block

  19. 1f vermilion tern "Etrusque" tÍte-bÍche used strip

  20. 1f vermilion "Vervelle" tÍte-bÍche unused block

  21. 1f brownish red tÍte-bÍche pair on cover to India

1853-1871 Empire Issues

  1. 20c blue imperforate tÍte-bÍche unused block of 30

  2. 80c carmine tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  3. 80c rose tÍte-bÍche unused pair

  4. 1f carmine tÍte-bÍche unused block of six

  5. 1f carmine tÍte-bÍche strip on cover to Uruguay

  6. 1f carmine reprint tÍte-bÍche unused block of nine

  7. 5f gray shades, denomination omitted two used examples

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For additional information see the article "Classic Errors Of France" (an Adobe PDF file)

The items linked above represent the highlights of the "Lafayette" collection of the classic stamps of France. This material was exhibited in BELGICA '99 as well as in New York in 1996. The ANPHILEX catalog termed the exhibit "the greatest ever formed of France" and it would be hard to disagree. The collector's goal was to acquire examples of every known classic era error of France in unused condition, as well as on cover where they exist. This entailed the acquisition of all of the eight unique items in the field. The largest reported multiples and finest known examples were sought. The success of the collection is in the actual completion of the task in a fashion never before accomplished and almost certainly never to be surpassed in the future.

I am honored to be able to present this collection on the internet. I hope to reach a larger audience than is possible through other forms of exhibiting.

Richard Frajola, February, 2003