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Classic Errors Of France.

Classic Stamps Of France From The "Lafayette" Collection

One Franc 1849-1850 Ceres Issue

  1. 1f vermilion unused marginal strip of three with Hulot note

  2. 1f dull vermilion earliest reported usage cover (January 2, 1849)

  3. 1f reddish vermilion on cover (January 1849)

  4. 1f vivid reddish vermilion used block of ten

  5. 1f reddish vermilion on cover with grand cachet (January 1849)

  6. 1f vivid vermilion pair on cover (January 1849)

  7. 1f vivid vermilion on cover to Italy

  8. 1f vivid vermilion strip of four on cover

  9. 1f vermilion plus two copies 1f carmine cover to Portugal

  10. 1f vermilion unused "barbiche" variety

  11. Post Office Circular announcing 1f color change

  12. 1f carmine unused block

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Richard Frajola, February, 2003