Postal History of the World

Volume One (the Early Years, 1840 - 1860)

Collection of Richard Frajola
PDF file of full exhibit here (22 meg)

This is a traditional postal history collection that examines the postal uses of single adhesive postage stamps and postal stationery of the classic era.

Although the scope is wide geographically, it is limited by other constraints. The time frame is limited to the classic period of postage stamp and postal stationery use, defined here as the period from 1840 to 1860. Additionally, for each stamp issuing entity, the time frame is further limited to postal issues that preceded the introduction of perforated adhesives. Also, only letters and covers franked with single imperforate stamps, or postal stationery entires, without supplemental franking are included.

Each of the stamps shown correctly prepays a postal rate for domestic mail, or prepays external mail to the extent that prepayment was possible. In essence, the stamps and stationery are shown prepaying the postal rate, or rates, most often seen. Such uses are are often coincident with the intended use of the franking.

The specific postal rate shown is described below each item and includes the effective dates. The exhibit is presented by country in alphabetical order and within each country by year of issue. Uses from the various German postal entities are grouped together as are the Italian States. Only items that were deliberate design or color changes are considered to be separate issues.

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Richard Frajola (March 2015)