Tibet 1912 - 1960
the stamps and their use

(as shown by Rainer Fuchs at NY2016 show)
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The present exhibit provides a detailed overview of Tibetan local I native Post that was in operation from 1912 - 1960. In this time frame a total of 13 stamps (main catalogue numbers) were issued. In addition to these, some Official and Telegraph stamps were also issued but these are excluded from this exhibit due to their controversial status. The stamps were printed on demand by the mint in Lhasa using locally produced colors, those resulting in a relatively high number of color shades described on the preceding pages.

The printing blocks of the first two issues were made of wood blocks, one for each denomination, and all stamp cliches were carved into that block. For the third issue (1933) however, individual cliches for each of the denominations were produced, bound to printing blocks of 12 stamps each. That printing method produced a number of settings and states described on the respective pages. To demonstrate the usage of the stamps, commercial covers are shown with a wide variety of frankings and postmarks including registration handstamps.

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Richard Frajola (June 2016)