The Mercury Project

This project, named as a homage to the "Mercury Stamp Journal" of the late Edwin Mueller, is a archive site for scholarly articles on various aspects of philately. Contributors are participants at Frajola's Board for Philatelists. The concept is to provide a place where articles can be archived, or previewed for peer review prior to possible additional publication in print, or material exhibited. Author guidelines are here.

Please note that all files are in PDF format. Depending on the size of the individual file and your internet connection, these files may be difficult to open directly. I suggest right-clicking the link and downloading to your desktop where they may be more easily opened.

Grinnell Missionaries Reference Page

Archive of Grinnell Discussion Board Posts (a 1.8 meg PDF file, board closed June 2007)

I suggest right-clicking the link and downloading to your desktop where files may be more easily opened.

Author Date Title Size


April 2016 The Route Across Nicaragua 1849-1868 8 meg 48p article
David Handelman March
Money Letters and Registration in Canada and Maritimes to 1898 10.5 meg exhibit in progress
John Olenkiewicz Jan 2013 Falmouth Packets to North America, 1755 - 1826 1 meg resource
John Cunningham, John Moore, Peter Miselis September 2012 Reexamining Bomarís B01-02 Pan-American Station Rubber 7 Bar Marking 4 meg article
Richard Frajola September 2012 California Private Mails, 1849 to 1856 14 meg article & exhibit
David Handelman September
Canada Foreign Mails 11 meg exhibit in progress
Walske and Abensur September 2011 French Royal Packets of the NY Line 3 meg

English version of article

David Handelman September 2011 Returned from The Dead, Canadian DLO
Returned Letter Envelopes
8 meg

exhibit for comments & suggestions

David Handelman January 2011 Canadian registration 1911--1947
21 meg  
Ken Lawrence Sept 2010 The Farwell Brothers of Chicago: a postal and philatelic portrait 1.5 meg  
John Olenkiewicz July 2009 1775 20% Rate Reduction NOT Approved <1 meg comments welcomed
David Handelman November 2009 Pre-UPU US international AR <1 meg comments welcomed
David Handelman July 2009 New Zealand AR form and covering envelope reunited <1 meg comments welcomed
David Handelman July 2009 International AR in British Empire 8 meg comments welcomed
Len McMaster July 2009 US - Mexico Mails, 1892-1902 <1 meg from Mexicana
Allan Warren November 2008

Can Plastic Films Damage My Stamps?

<1 meg I.K. Rasmussen article translated into English
David Handelman April 2009 US RRR and AR to 1945 Exhibit part 1

US RRR and AR to 1945 Exhibit part 2

10m comments welcomed
John Olenkiewicz September 29, 2008 Norwich Patriotic Subscription Post <1meg Comments welcomed
John Olenkiewicz September 29, 2008 Washington's Chain of Expresses <1meg Comments welcomed
John Barwis et al December 11, 2007 Postmarks on Philadelphia Maritime Mail 350k Updates welcomed
David D'Alessandris December 4, 2007 Mail between the US and St. Pierre and Miquelon 1.6m Comments welcomed
David Handelman August 11, 2007 part 1 Exhibit: Mail between BNA & UK, 1766-1875
part 2

part 3
part 4
Comments welcomed
David Handelman June 4, 2007 Escaped 200k Comments welcomed
Berkun / Siskin May 23, 2007 Earliest Documented Usages of US stamps to 1931 400 kb Updates welcomed
Knud-Erik Andersen February 19, 2007 Registration labels in Sudetenland 1938 - 45 900 kb Comments welcomed
David Savadge February 1, 2007 Aviation and the PPIE    (rev. 2/20) 900 kb Comments welcomed
David Handelman January 18, 2007 Almost a Revolutionary War Cartel Cover small Comments welcomed
Richard Frajola January 11, 2007 US Private Mail System Definitions small comments please!
David Handelman January 5, 2007 Soldiers' letters to or from Canada, 1802--1841 1.8mb Comments welcomed
Alex Gundel December 14, 2006 Some Observation about NYFM Cancels on Printed Matter (from USCC news) 900kb contributed by Nick Kirke
David Savadge November 14, 2006  San Francisco Machine Slogan Cancels 1911 - 1916 1mb For review & comments
David Savadge October 26, 2006 Expo Philatelists - John Clements and Everett Earle 800kb For review & comments
David Savadge September 26, 2006 The Panama Pacific International Exposition Perfin 747kb Final
Richard Frajola August 31, 2006 The Cope Line of Liverpool - Philadelphia Packets 64kb For comments
Al Valente August 29, 2006 Politics and the NY Postmaster Prohibition is a postal history article right out of my exhibit on papermaking. 621kb  
David Handelman

August 8, 2006
(rev. 10/1)

Rate problem - Massive Chinese inflation cover with rate and other problems
325 kb Draft, soliciting answers
David Beech

August 7, 2006

How to look after your Collection - A Basic Guide 103 kb Final
David D'Alessandris

August 7, 2006

Cross-Border Mail via the Cunard Line: Mails Between the United States and Nova Scotia, 1840-1867 822 kb Exhibit for review (temp)
David Savadge

August 4, 2006

Buffalo 1901 - The Assassination of William McKinley 1,441 kb Draft for review

Richard Frajola (Apr 2016)