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The James P. Myerson Collection

A table of links for three cent stamps of the 1861-68 issues is below. Each link will take you to a separate page. If you prefer to use the search function, go here.


Handpainted        Magnus Designs        Portraits        John Brown, Jackson, Crude        All Over Designs

Flags        Eagles, Caricature        Eagle And Shields        Colorado, Block Used To Canada, Pink

Advertising Covers:

Collars, National Express        Misc. Ads        All Over Illustrated        All Over Illustrated        Cameo Designs, Brewery

Misc. ads        Misc. Ads        Misc. Ads        Misc. Ads        Civil War Related

Fancy Cancels:

Waterbury's        Negatives, Cross        Shields        Stars        Stars        Radials      Dayton        Boston

Seals And Signets        Initials        Devil & Pitchfork, Witch, Mask, Sheep        Ornate Geometrics

Ornate Geometrics       
Greens, Wallpaper, Richmond        Masonics        Union, Head, Star

POB Free, Geometrics        Paid Cancels

Civil War Related Covers, Western & Territorial:

Prisoner Of War Usages        Thru The Lines, POW, Mails Suspended            Patriotics, Military Related Usages

Colorado Territory        Oregon        Oregon        Wells Fargo / California        Territorial        Territorial / Western

Auxiliary Markings, Unusual Postmarks And Envelopes:

Rebus / Unusual Addresses        Stencil Postmark, Straightlines        Congress, Registered, Missent

Advertised, Dead Letter Office        Local Post, Not Found        Used On CSA Patriotics, Home Made

Leeds Patent Envelopes, Campaign        Unusual Envelopes

Shades, Rare Grills And Varieties On Cover:

Shades, Pigeon Blood Pink            Shades            Perforation Varieties, Imprint

Perforation Varieties           #79, 83, 85 Rare 3c Grills

Express Usages, Route Agent Markings:

Express        Railway Route & Station Agents           Railway Route & Station Agents         Waterway

Waterway        Steamboat & Ship

Mixed Issue & Combination Frankings:

Mixed Issue       With #73        With #73       With #73        With #63        With #63        With #63        With #78

Foreign Usages In Combination:

To Canada        Foreign        To France        To Norway       To Philippines        To China

To Sweden       To Italy      To India       To England        To Panama           To Turkey  

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)