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This is a net price sale of the James P. Myerson collection of 1861-1868 Issue postal history. It is a joint offering by Richard Frajola and Suburban Stamp Incorporated. All items are offered subject unsold. 
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Usage To India, two copies 1c blue (#63) tied together with 3c rose pink (#64b) to 1861 Goddard correspondence folded letter to Calcutta, India by "Paid" in grid cancels, prepaid 5c rate by British packet, black "Boston Br Pkt Sep 4" backstamp, carried by Cunarder Canada, manuscript "1/4" due, circle St Bs Rs handstamp, Bombay transit and Calcutta arrival backstamps, ink bleed through as is typical on this correspondence, Philatelic Foundation certificate


Usage To Bahamas, pair 1c blue (#63) used with 3c rose (#65) on cover to Nassau, Bahamas, black grid cancels, matching "Bristol Ct Feb 1 1862" origin postmark, blue crayon "4" due, prepaid 5c rate by British packet, stamps fixed slightly over edge at top, a rare usage, unreported in Evans  $750

Usage To Austria, 1c blue (#63, straight edge) tied together with 10c green (#68) and 5c brown (#76) to mourning cover to Gurkfeld, Austria by New York Foreign Mails fancy cog cancels, prepaid 15c Hamburg mails rate plus 1c to the mails carrier, red "N York Paid Hamb Pkt Paid 10 May 16" exchange date stamp, carried by HAPAG steamer Teutonia, Franco handstamp, "Hamburg 2/6/63" oval transit backstamp, Graz transit and Gurkfeld arrival backstamps, very fine $1,200

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)