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This is a net price sale of the James P. Myerson collection of 1861-1868 Issue postal history. It is a joint offering by Richard Frajola and Suburban Stamp Incorporated. All items are offered subject unsold. 
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Wayland, Massachusetts Sep 2 (1861) origin postmark on cover that originated with 3c rose (#65), manuscript cancel, used to Brattleboro, Vermont and forwarded from there to Boston with 3c dull red 1857 issue (#26) tied by partial strike "Brattleboro" postmark, 1857 issue usage during period of legality, very light age streak, very fine usage


Attempted Illegal Usage of 3c dull red 1857 issue (#26, faulty) with manuscript cancel, evidently held as 3c rose pink (#64b) tied next to it by blue "Sandy Hook Md May 28" postmark which also touches the old 3c stamp, flag patriotic cover used to Frederick City, Maryland, stray ink mark on 3c 1861 issue stamp, fine combination $400

Attempted Illegal Usage of 3c dull red 1857 issue (#26, faulty) tied together with 3c rose (#65) to cover by blue "Nashville Ten Aug 12 1862" postmark, docket on reverse is "August 5th - 62" which likely indicates that cover was held from then until correct stamp supplied on the date of postmark, very fine Tennessee $350

Attempted Illegal Usage of three copies 1c blue 1857 issue (#24, 24, 18; all faulty) tied in combination with 3c rose pink (#64b, torn in half before affixing) to home made envelope to Connecticut by "New York Ship Jul 30" postmarks, correct ship rate after July 1, 1863 was 6c so three 1c stamps not allowed and double 3c penalty due, Due 6 handstamp struck twice (once partially off cover to the left), natural cover wrinkles, an exceptional usage that may well have originated in the Confederacy $1,250

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)