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This is a net price sale of the James P. Myerson collection of 1861-1868 Issue postal history. It is a joint offering by Richard Frajola and Suburban Stamp Incorporated. All items are offered subject unsold. 
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Usage To France, 1862 folded entire with 12c black (#69, well centered) tied together with 3c rose (#65, attractive rich shade) by grid cancels, red "New York Paid 6 Jun 7" exchange postmark, carried by Inman Line steamer Kangaroo, red boxed "PD" handstamp and red "Etats Unis Serv AM. Calais 20 Jun 62" French entry datestamp, Marseilles arrival backstamp, very fine


Usage To Peru, 1865 cover to ship captain of Castiliare at Callao with 12c black (#69, straight edge) tied in combination with 10c green (#68), "Newburyport Mass Apr 12" origin postmark, correct 22c rate, black "Panama AP 22 1865" British transit and "12" credit handstamp, "Lima 3 May 65" transit backstamp and faint arrival postmark, Forwarded By S. Crosby & Co. Ship Chandler And Ship Agent, Callao, Peru double oval handstamp, very fine Massachusetts $500

Usage To Peru, 1870 cover to ship captain of General Butler at Callao, after rate change to 34c that became effective October 1, 1867 and shortly after rate reduced again to 22c on March 1, 1870, pair 12c black (#69, left stamp straight edge) used with 10c green "F" grill (#96) with target cancels, matching "North Edgecomb Me Apr 25" origin postmark, red "New York 12" credit datestamp, "Callao 6 Jun 1870" arrival backstamp, very fine Maine $650

#85E, 12c Black "Z" Grill, tied to flag patriotic cover to Ireland by geometric New York Foreign Mails fancy cancel, red New York "Feb 15" exchange postmark, carried by Inman Line steamer City of Paris, "Bray FE 25 68" arrival backstamp, there was a small group of late use patriotics from this correspondence, this is the only example bearing the rare 12c black "Z" grill, a unique usage on a patriotic and the earliest reported usage of the stamp, Philatelic Foundation certificate, very fine $7,500

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)