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The James P. Myerson Collection

The following books and resources may be of use to students of United States 1861-1869 postal history. Many are cited in the descriptions. The rating in obviously subjective and refers only to relative importance in the study of these issues. To return to the main page, click link above left.

Most of the books listed are available from James Lee, Phil Bansner, or Leonard Hartmann.

Author / Year Title Rating (5 highest)
Evans, Don; 1997 The U.S. One-Cent Issue of 1861 *****
Holbrook; 1975 Collectorís Club of Chicago reprint United States Mail and Post Office Assistant: 1860 to 1872 *****
Lane; 1969 The Harry F. Allen Collection of Blackjacks *
Skinner & Eno; 1980 United States Cancellations: 1845 to 1869 *****
Brookman, 1966 The United States Postage Stamps Of The 19th Century, 3 vols ****
Rohloff, 1979 The Waterbury Cancellations **
Wierenga reprint, 1981 List of Post Offices in the United States: 1862 *****
Hubbard & Winter, 1988 North Atlantic Mail Sailings: 1840 to 1875 *****
Hargest; 1971 History of Letter Post Communication Between the United States And Europe: 1845 to 1875 ***
P.O. Dept. publication, 1956 United States Domestic Postage Rates: 1789-1956 ***
Richard Frajola, Inc., 1990 net price sale

Middendorf - Ambassador J. William, Collection of Carriers and Locals

Van der Linden, 1993 Catalogue des Marques de Passage: 1661 - 1875 **
Richard Frajola, Inc. Auction #3; 1981 Herzog - William Herzog Collection of Stamps and Postal History of  the 1861 Issue *

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)