Opinions Journal

Do It Yourself Expertisation
Some simple steps you can take to help determine if a cover has been faked or altered.

1782 Philadelphia Usage To France
A letter originally suspected of being a fake  turns out to be genuine.

A Great Salt Lake City Forged Cover
A cover believed to have been manufactured by Mark Hofmann.

Opinion Service
In November, 2000 I listed an "opinion service" lot on eBay. This was written up favorably by Les Winick in Linn's and I have received several additional requests. The service is outlined here.

Opinion Service On Altered Cover
Sample of my opinion service report on a cover from the Siegel "Sevenoaks" Auction.

Expertising The Consul Klep Cover 
An analysis I did of the Consul Klep cover before it was offered by Siegel's in their sale of the Zoellner collection showing why it was fake.

Linn's Article About Klep Cover  
The Linn's Stamp News article written after the auction and after the cover received a bad Philatelic Foundation certificate.

Linn's Article - Fake C.S.A. #8  Cover on Ebay which I exposed.

Fake "Billy The Kid" Cover On Ebay & History Channel
An article that exposed a fake and resulted in the item being withdrawn.

Bogus Western Express Cover
A bogus "Hoogs & Madison" cover that appeared in a recent Siegel auction.

A Mexico - U.S. Combination Cover
An analysis of a cover that is illustrated in Ashbrook as genuine and has a clean MEPSI certificate showing why I believe it is a  fake.


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