Opinion Service For US Covers

The following is an offer of an opinion service that I listed on eBay in November, 2000. I found that the people who asked about material as a result were mostly individuals that I was already currently assisting. My conclusion was that many individuals buying material did not really want to know that the great bargain they thought they were bidding on was not as described. If I can be of assistance to you, please email me directly or ask your question on the philatelist board where you will receive other opinions as well. I also wrote an article on "Do It Yourself Cover Expertisation" which may be found here

This offer is available currently and will continue to be available without time limitation.

Expert Service. Linn's Stamp News' writer Les Winick (December 4, 2000 issue) says: "Frajola has now embarked on a new venture that may may be a boon to the hobby .... The $10 price is a fantastic bargain"

This is an offer of service. Please read all terms and conditions carefully. For the $10. minimum bid price (payment via billpoint preferred but NOT required) I will look at a scan(s) of an item that you either own, or is being offered elsewhere such as on eBay or at a traditional auction house, and give you my opinion regarding identification, authenticity as determinable from a scan, condition as determinable from a scan, and my opinion of fair market value. At present this offer is limited to pre 1935 United States covers as well as Confederate States covers. It does include back of the book material such as local posts.

This opinion is not a substitute for hands on expertisation or condition examination. It is intended to be a preliminary step in the evaluation process. Limitations of available scan technology also limit accuracy of color and shade determinations.

I ask that all submissions be in the form of an email (to: covers@rfrajola.com ) with attached JPEG image no larger than 200k. If you wish to submit additional close up images that you think may be helpful, please do so. You may also supply links to items that are being offered elsewhere on the Internet (such as link to an eBay lot or a traditional auction house lot). Please also include any information regarding the item that may assist me such as date line of a folded letter or dates of any back stamps that may not be visible from the scan. If you have any specific questions that you would like me to respond to, please include them with your email.

You will receive my opinion statement in the form of an email within 48 hours of submission. If you are not happy for any reason with the opinion rendered by me, or if I am unable to give information that is useful to you, an additional opinion on a second item will be done at no additional charge.

I will try, when possible, to comment on any particular features and rates that make the cover interesting. To see a sample of a typical opinion (an item from Siegel auction), see here.

As credentials, I have been professionally involved in philately since 1968. I ran an auction company, Richard C. Frajola, Inc., specializing in United States postal history from 1979 until 1995. I am an expert consultant to the Philatelic Foundation and Professional Stamp Expertisers, I was an appraiser for eppraisals.com and have written numerous articles on philately. Please see my web site for some additional information about me including some of the high profile fakes that I have exposed such as the famous Consul Klep cover offered by R. A. Siegel Auctions, Inc. in 1998 and attempted frauds on eBay that were covered by Linns Stamp News.

1.) This is an offer of an opinion only. I cannot accept any liability for any errors or mistakes that may result from the use of information provided by me.
2.) This offer of service may be used at anytime within the next one year.
3.) This offer is limited, for the present, to United States covers and postal history prior to 1935 and Confederate States postal history.
4.) If multiple opinions are desired, up to a maximum of 10, please list that as the quantity in this Dutch auction.
5.) All bidders will be buyers and you need not wait until auction is over to avail yourself of this service. I only ask that you remember to pay by check or by using the billpoint invoice when the auction does end. Feedback will be left for all bidders.

Richard Frajola (June, 2002)