Steamer Frolic

Test Your Cover Knowledge

Below is a scan of cover that may be a test of your intuitive abilities and knowledge of United States postal history. Take your time in developing your answers and then go check out my answers and commentary. There are "hotspot" links on the cover image that provide clues and additional information.


1. Where did this cover likely originate?
A. Can't tell
   B. Someplace up the Mississippi River from New Orleans
   C. Cuba
   D. Someplace in the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean

2. Where did this cover enter the US mails?
    A. At New Orleans
    B. On the Steamer Frolic
    C. Can't tell
    D. Didn't enter the US mails

3. What is the meaning of the "freight" endorsement at top?
    A. The cover was carried as freight
    B. It has no relevant meaning
    C. The cover enclosed a letter regarding freight
    D. Don't know if it has any  relevant meaning

4. What stamp should have been used on this cover?
    A. This is the correct stamp that should have been used
    B. The 3c postal stationery issue
    C. A 3c 1861 or 1867 issue stamp should be on it (this is a fake cover and stamp has been replaced)
    D. This is a late usage of the 3c 1869 stamp from the 1870's

5. How many similar usages of 3c 1869 issue with only a packet handstamp do you think exist?
    A. Fewer than 5
    B. Between 5 and 25
    C. Between 25 and 100
    D. Over 100

6. What do you think is a fair retail price on this cover?
A. Under $25
    B. Between $25 and $100.
    C. Between $100 and $500
    D. Over $500

7. Bonus question - What should this cover look like?

8. Second Bonus question - Who was addressee?

Richard Frajola (October 8, 2001)