About Richard Frajola


As a brief introduction, I have been involved professionally in philately since 1968. After working for several auction houses, including as a consultant to Sotheby's, I ran my own auction house, Richard C. Frajola, Inc., from 1980 till 1995. Since then I have served as a consultant to several leading auction houses in the United States and served private clients.


I also serve as an expert consultant to the Philatelic Foundation and Professional Stamp Expertisers. I served as a member of as an appraiser and can now frequently be found on the philatelist's chat board trying to answer collector questions. Feel free to join us. I have published extensively since authoring a book on the postage stamps of Siam in 1979.


My "other" hobby is large scale model trains. I have an outdoor layout which can be visited here.


About Taos


I live in Taos, New Mexico. Yes, Taos is part of the United States and not in Mexico. It is not a desert here but rather a very mild mountain climate. Taos is about 7,500 feet above sea level and is located about one hour north of Santa Fe. It was, and still is, a noted artist colony.


Although I live in Taos, my mailing address is Ranchos De Taos because the post office there is more convenient.


 If you wish to learn more about Taos, or are planning a visit to the area, this is a good site. Here is a link to local weather.

Richard C. Frajola, P.O. Box 2679, Ranchos De Taos, NM   87557
    phone: (505) 751-7607