Taos & Rio Grande
Rail Road

Welcome to the home page of the Taos & Rio Grande Rail Road. Home of the Pueblo Chief and the Sagebrush Flyer. This is a "G" scale (1:24 scale) layout in the backyard of my Taos, New Mexico home.


September 2005 Train Photo Slide Show - click here

September 2004 Train Photos (click on image to see larger view)

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1. Admiral's House

2. Twin Paddles Yacht Club 3. Blue Pond Station 4. Phillip's Station 5. Chimayo Church


Overall approximately 100' by 45'

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6. Ophelia's Tamale Truck

7. Nomad's No-Tell Park 8. Perlman's Path

9. Who Dat Mine

10. Taos

taoschurch2004.jpg (2128484 bytes) larrys.jpg (282945 bytes) pueblo2004.jpg (682312 bytes) bullshippers3.jpg (125080 bytes) rockridgesite.jpg (232716 bytes)

11. Taos Church

12. Larry's Porky Pig  Express

13. Pueblo

14. Bullshipper's

15. Rock Ridge


2. Santuario de Chimayo was built in 1816 in Chimayo, New Mexico on a site renown for earth with curative powers. Photo of actual building is here.
9. Who Dat mine is a model of the Hukill mine. Photo of actual structure is here.
13. Photo of real Taos pueblo is here.

Richard Frajola (August, 2005)