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Garland's Express (1854 - 1872)

Richard E. Garland started his express in 1854 to serve mining camps between Oroville and Quincy, California. His routes were expanded in 1864 to include service to Taylorsville and Crescent Mills. In the same year he purchased J.P. Wharton's Express serving La Porte and Gibsonville.

Garland's Express, Paid frank in double lined rectangle on 3c pink 1864 issue entire to Quincy, California, cover is noted on reverse as having contained a letter dated March 25, 1865, cover stain at lower left, the only reported used example, ex Haas and Edwards

(stock #157, $2500)

Gillpatrick's Express (May 1874 - 1872)

J. W. Gillpatrick started his express in 1874 to serve San Francisco Bay ports by steamer. He utilized the steamer "Parthenius" which began service in May 1874 and is last reported in July 1875.

Gillpatrick's Express, Paid, Steamer "Parthenius" frank, with additional text at left which describes express service and routes, on 3c green 1870 issue entire used to Martinez, cover restored at left edge, the only used example reported (a second reported after this listing was made), ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #158, $2000)

Gillpatrick's Express, frank on 3c green 1870 issue entire used to Jackson, entered the mails with San Francisco Jan 26 duplex postmark, opened roughly at left, fewer than five used examples of this frank are reported

(stock #159)

Greathouse & Slicer's Express (1855 - Nov 1857)

George and Ridgely Greathouse started an express from Shasta to Callahan in August 1854. Hugh Slicer was added as a partner in late 1855 and route was extended from from Yreka to Shasta where they connected with Wells Fargo at Shasta. This express company name disappears from the Sacramento newspapers in November 1857 but Greathouse & Co. appears again in the 1860s as an express operator in Oregon and Idaho.

Greathouse & Slicer, Yreka, Connecting with Wells, Fargo & Co blue octagonal handstamp on Wells, Fargo red franked 10c green Nesbitt entire, conjunctive use with blue Wells, Fargo & Co. Express Shasta and San Francisco oval company handstamps, paste-back portion with franking only, creases, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #160, $4500)

Greene's Copper City Express (1864)

Thomas Greene formed his express line in 1864 to operate between Shasta and Copper City, California. His office is reported to have been located at Barber & Isman's Saloon in Copper City.

Greene's Copper City Express, ornate printed frank on 3c pink 1861 issue entire used to Weaverville, entered the mails at Shasta, California with their "May 27" postmark, cover has been restored, two reported used examples of this frank

(stock #161, $750)

Greenhood & Neubauer Northern Express (1856 - Aug 1867)

Herman Greenhood and Joseph Newbauer began their express, based in Weaverville, in late 1856. After the purchase W. F. Rowe Express in 1858, the company connected with Wells Fargo at Marysville. The company's banking and express business failed in August 1867. The staging routes were taken over by G. I. Taggart’s after that date.

Greenhood & Neubauer Northern Express, Paid, pair of cover to same address in San Francisco, one (at left) with express company name in frank spelled "Neubauer" in error (at left above) and the other frank the scarcer correct spelling of Neubauer, each with clear company Greenhood & Neubauer Express Weaverville, Cal double oval handstamps, the correct spelling example is illustrated in Nathan and is ex Jessup and Pearce

(stock #162 and #163, $1000)

Greenhood & Neubauer, Northern Express, Weaverville, California, three line impert at bottom left of cover addressed to Gen. J. W. Denver at Sacramento, original letter dated May 28, 1860 at Weaverville from A. C. Laurence seeking an office, cover crease at left and small edge chip, the only reported example, illustrated in "Letters of Gold" on page 193, ex Haas, Edwards and Straley

(stock #164, $750)

Gregory's Express (Nov 1849 - Feb 1855)

In addition to Joseph W. Gregory's Atlantic & Pacific Express ocean to ocean express begun in April 1850, he organized "Gregory's Express" to operate within California. His service began with offices in San Francisco and Stockton and soon expanded to Sacramento City and Marysville. Gregory quietly sold his express business to Wells, Fargo & Co. in 1852 and his last advertisement appeared in the November 20, 1852 "Daily Alta California."

Gregory's Express Office, San Francisco, blue three line handstamp and oval "Not Paid" handstamp on cover to Sacramento, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #166, $400)

Gregory's Express, red two line handstamp with "Express" in hollow letters and small straight line "Paid." handstamp on cover to Sacramento, pencil notation "Nevada, June 14, 1851" at lower left,  ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #165, $400)

Gregory's Express Office, Sacramento, blue oval handstamp and matching "Not Paid" handstamps on cover to San Francisco, endorsed "Mess. T. & H Please deliver immediately" at top, addressed to Timmerman & Hyde (ship agents) dissolved their partnership December 31, 1851, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #167, $350)

Gregory & English's Moore's Flat and Eureka Express (1866)

Formed in April 1866 this express operated from Nevada City to North Bloomfield, Lake City, Woolsey's Flat, Moore's Flat and Eureka. It connected with Wells Fargo at Nevada City. It was apparently in business only a few months.

Gregory & English's Moore's Flat and Eureka Express, Paid, ornamented frank with "Connecting with Wells, Fargo & Co. at Nevada City, Cal" text at foot on 3c pink 1864 issue entire to San Francisco, fancy eagle illustrated "Moore's Flat Express" greenish blue oval origin handstamp, conjunctive use with "Wells Fargo Nevada City Jan 11" oval datestamp, reduced irregularly at right into indicia, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #169, $1250)

Gregory & English's Moore's Flat and Eureka Express, Paid, ornamented frank with "Connecting with Wells, Fargo & Co. at Nevada City, Cal" text at foot on 3c pink 1864 issue entire to San Francisco, entered the mails with "Moore's Flat Cal Oct 8" postmark, mostly clear "San Francisco Cal Advertised" datestamp on reverse, cover reduced irregularly at right into indicia, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #168, $500)

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