Third Period Westbound: April 1, 1861 - June 30, 1861
Wells Fargo Type I ($2.00) Franked Envelope

The $2 per ½ oz. express fee could be prepaid by the Type 1 Wells, Fargo & Co. franked envelope, starting May 1861.  The Type 1 franked envelope (without “Agent”, and with comma after “Placerville”) was replaced by the Type 2 franked envelope in August 1861.


May 7 New York Pony Express marking applied on Wells, Fargo & Co. Type 1 franked envelope
Pony Express left St. Joseph on May 12, 1861 per “oval in circle” marking (altered from May 11)
10¢ U.S. trans-Rocky Mountains postage paid

Only two used Type I franked envelopes are known


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Richard Frajola, May 2006