Second Period Westbound: July 31, 1860 - March 31, 1861
St. Joseph "Pony Express COCPP" Marking

St. Joseph introduced a compound "oval in circle" Pony Express / COCPP marking in December 1860. It was applied in green ink on westbound mail until mid-April 1861.

2.50 indicates $2.50 per oz. Express fee paid - sent under cover to St. Joseph
March 10, 1861 Pony Express from St. Joseph arrived on March 25 in San Francisco
10 U.S. transcontinental postage paid - sent in U.S. mails from San Francisco to Portland
One of only two known Pony Express covers handled by the San Francisco Post Office

Fewer than ten westbound St. Joseph green "oval in circle" markings are known

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Richard Frajola, May 2006