Mails of the Westward Expansion
1803 - 1861

by Steve Walske and Richard Frajola

  As the limited print edition has been sold out, this book is now available free in searchable PDF files as listed below.
  I will be adding additional sailing trip lists, such as westbound contract mail via Panama, on this website in near future.

June 4, 2015 Update - I have completed the westbound via Panama contract sailings from New York to San Francisco for period 1852 to 1859. The PDF file is here. Additional data will be added as available.
  The complete book (as printed) in a single PDF file, 320 pages (30 megs)


Individual Chapters and Appendices as single files

Front Cover: PDF File

Frontmatter with Table of Contents, etc: PDF File

Chapter 1: Westward Expansion - PDF file

Chapter 2: Southwest Mail - PDF file

Chapter 3: Oregon Mails - PDF file

Chapter 4: California - PDF file

Chapter 5: Central Overland Mail - PDF file

Chapter 6: Via Panama - PDF file

Chapter 7: Central Overland - PDF file

Chapter 8: Via Nicaragua - PDF file

Chapter 9: Southern Overland - PDF file

Chapter 10: Santa Fe Trail - PDF file

Chapter 11: Via Tehuantepec - PDF file

Chapter 12: Colorado - Missouri Mail - PDF file

Chapter 13: Transcontinental Pony Express - PDF file

Appendix A: Rocky Mountain Trip List - PDF file

Appendix B: Oregon Ship Sailings - PDF file

Appendix C: Panama Sailings (eastbound only) - PDF file

Appendix C: Panama Sailings Supplemental (westbound, Frajola web site only) - PDF file

Appendix D: Central Overland Trip List - PDF file

Appendix E: Via Nicaragua Ship Sailings - PDF file

Appendix F: Southern Route Trip List - PDF file

Appendix G: Postal Rates - PDF file

References: - PDF File