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The James P. Myerson Collection

A table of links for two cent stamps of the 1861-68 issues is below. Each link will take you to a separate page. If you prefer to use the search function, go here

Advertising Covers:

Billboard Ads, Illustrated        Ad Covers        Ad Covers, A&P Torture, All Over Designs

Collars, Impeachment Game, Base Balls

Domestic Usages, Fancy Cancels:

Double Circle Postmarks        Plate Imprint Copy        Blue Cancels, Fancy Cancels     Odd Shaped Covers

Draft Notice, Patent cancel
        Valentines        Fancy Cancels, Southern Express        Combos With #63

Domestic, California
        Domestic        Oregon & California        Printed Matter     Combo With #63    Combo With #114

Auxiliary Marking, Combo With Revenue, Minnesota
        Wrappers, Revenue Usages     Combo With #63

Foreign Usages:

To Argentina, Bremen, England        To Canada, To France, From Peru        Combo With Prussia, From British Columbia

To Germany        To Italy       To Panama        To China

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)