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This is a net price sale of the James P. Myerson collection of 1861-1868 Issue postal history. It is a joint offering by Richard Frajola and Suburban Stamp Incorporated. All items are offered subject unsold. 
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Usage From British Columbia, two copies 10c green (#68) tied to red franked Wells, Fargo & Co. 10c green entire (#U4) used as a paste back to triple rate cover to Providence, Rhode Island, black "Post Office Victoria" coat of arms frank indicating Colonial postage paid, carried out of the mails by Wells Fargo to New York City where it entered with "New York July 7 1762" postmarks, red Advertised and Not Called For handstamps of Providence and their "Sep 15 1862" red postmark, large double oval "PO Department Dead Letter Office Sep 30 1862" datestamp, opened out for display, and exceptional usage 


#96, 10c Green "F" Grill, tied in combination with 2c black (#73) and 3c ultramarine 1869 issue (#114) to five times rate, legal size cover by "Brooklyn Ct Aug 9" postmark, cover imperfections Connecticut $200

Usage To Switzerland, 10c green (#68) late use in combination with 2c red brown 1870 issue (#146) tied to 3c green entire (#U82) used to Geneva, blue cancels and matching "New Haven N.Y. Mar 6" origin postmark, 15c closed mail rate became effective in 1868, red "New York Paid All May 9" exchange, arrival backstamp, 1871 docket, a colorful and rare combination, very fine $600

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)