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Martin's Spokane Falls & Wardner Stage & Express Line (1884 - 1886)

According to Nathan, this express operated over the Mullen Road from Spokane, Washington, territory to Wardner, Idaho Territory via Coeur d'Alene and Kellogg, from 1884 to 1886.

Martin's Spokane Falls and Wardner Stage and Express Line, brown frank on 2c red brown 1882 issue entire to Portland, Oregon, entered the mails with Spokane Falls, Wash Aug 3, 1885 postmark, reverse with Wardner, Idaho sender's advertising oval, no flap, four reported examples of used frank ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #209, $1000)

Miners' Loon Creek Express (May 1870 - Jul 1870)

This short-lived express was founded by J.H. Hunter and four others on May 26, 1870 to operate from Idaho City, Idaho Territory to the Loon Creek mining camps. The express was sold on July 20, 1870 to Chares J. Tassel.

Miner's Loon Creek Express, Idaho City, I.T., J.H. Hunter, Messenger, Paid, blue five-line frank on 3c pink 1863 issue entire, entered the mails with Idaho City, Idaho Ida. Sep 24 postmark, 1870 docket, used after Hunter and sold to Tassel, cover reduced at left and age spot, two confirmed examples, the other reported example is postmarked the same day

(stock #210, $1250)

Moore's Flat and Eureka Express (1864 - 1871)

Moore’s Flat and Eureka Express operated under numerous owners: Wells & Company (1864), English and Wells (1864-1869), L.H. Wells (1870) and Wells & Herrings (1871). The Express operated over a route between Nevada City, Moore’s Flat, and Eureka South. It connected with Wells Fargo at Nevada City.

Wells and Co.'s Moore's Flat & Eureka Express, Paid, ornate frank on 1863 3c pink 1863 issue entire to Antelope, California, conjunctive use with blue Wells, Fargo, Nevada, oval "Aug 3" datestamp, rough cover reduction at left and corner fault

(stock #212, $200)

English & Wells Moore's Flat and Eureka Express, Paid ornate frank on 3c pink 1863 issue entire to Lin Eck Co., Placer County, conjunctive use with blue Wells, Fargo, Nevada, oval datestamp, Chinese docketing, slightly aged, fewer than seven reported examples, ex Dale Lichtenstein

(stock #211, $500)

Morley, Caulkins & Co's Express (1853 - 1861)

This express started operations in 1853 running from La Porte to the Gibsonville Ridge mining camps. The partnership was dissolved in 1861 when Holland Morley & Company was formed.

Morley, Caulkins & Co's Dalily Express, Paid rectangular frank on 10c green Nesbitt entire to Middleport, Ohio, entered the mails with blue "Marysville Cal Paid by Stamps Jul 19" postmark, matching grid cancel, cover abraded affecting first line of address, three reported examples, all on 10c Nesbitt entires, ex Dale Lichtenstein

(stock #213, $1000)

Mossman & Co's Express (Apr 1861 - Jun 1863)

Issac V.D. Mossman, a former pony express rider, started this express in April 1861 to run between Portland and Dalles, Oregon and from Walla Walla, Washington Territory to the Nez Perces, Salmon, John Day's and Powder River Mines of Idaho Territory. The express was sold to Wells, Fargo in June 1863.

Mossman & Co's Express, Dirigo., Nez Perces & Salmon River Mines, Paid., ornate  frank with "Farmer Print" printer's identification at right and boxed "table of Distance" in rectangle above on 3c 1862 issue entire to Portland, Oregon,   manuscript "Bergman" at top, no flap, cover restored, three reported examples in this format, ex Bartels and Dale Lichtenstein

(stock #214, $2500)

Nevada City and Meadow Lake Express (1861 - 1864)

Little is known of this express that operated between Meadow Lake near the Yuba River and Nevada City, where it connected with Wells, Fargo.

Nevada City and Meadow Lake Express, Paid, black rectangular frank on 3c pink 1864 issue entire, part of a paste-up, conjunctive use with blue Wells Fargo & Co. Nevada oval date stamp, cover corner fault, the finest of three reported examples, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #216, $1500)


Nichols & Co's Express (Oct 1857 - Jul 1858)

This express, which first advertised in October 1857, operated from San Francisco by steamer via Crescent City to Oregon and the Frazer River mines and to Bellingham Bay, Washington. They connected with Freeman & Co's Express and Alta Express. They sold out to American Express (the California company) in July 1858.

Nichols & Co's Express, Paid, frank with illustration including steamboat, safe, dog, and train crossing bridge, on 3c red Nesbitt entire used to San Francisco, partially clear Nichol's & Co's Express San Francisco blue oval handstamp, this frank uses the same cut as American Express frank, no flap, somewhat aged, five reported examples of this frank on postal entire, ex Dale - Lichtenstein

(stock #217, $1500)

Northern Pacific Express Co. (1874 - 1890)

This express operated between British, Columbia, Washington Territory, Oregon and San Francisco between 1874 and 1887.

Northern Pacific Express Co., Paid Over All Routes ribbon frank on 2c red brown 1882 issue entire to San Francisco, magenta Astoria, Oregon straight line handstamp of originating office, 1887 docket on reverse, minor wrinkles at right

(stock #311, $200)

North-Western Express Co. (1886 - Oct 1890)

This express was started in 1886 to handle express business on Puget's sound down to Gray's Harbor.  Following the loss of a a parcel containing $1,000, the company announced they were going out of business on October 9, 1890. In November 1890, List and McIntyre purchased the assets of the company. The express business previously carried via the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern railway passed to the Northern Pacific Express while List & McIntyre continued on the Columbia and Puget Sound steamer route and the on the Puget Sound and Gray's Harbor Railroad route.

North-Western Express Co., side-wheel steamer illustrated frank on 2c green 1887 issue entire to Alexandria, Minnesota, entered the mails with received postmark of New Dungeness, Washington, five reported examples of this frank

(stock #219)

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