First Period Westbound: April 3, 1860 - July 30, 1860
Letter Carried on First Westbound Trip

The first westbound Pony Express trip left St. Joseph on April 3, 1860 and arrived in San Francisco on April 14. Letters were sent under cover from the East to St. Joseph, and never directly entered the U.S. mails. 

“Paid 5.00” indicates $5 Express fee paid - sent under cover from origin point in the East to St. Joseph
First Pony Express left St. Joseph on April 3, 1860 per black St. Joseph COCPP marking
Carried privately from the east to St. Joseph, so 10¢ U.S. transcontinental postage was paid

Only letter known from the inaugural westbound trip
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Richard Frajola, May 2006