Philamercury Digital Rendezvous 2017 (PDR2017)
Submission Notes

The deadline for exhibit submission is October 1, 2017. No rules as to content, open to all, no exhibit fees and with awards by vote of fellow exhibitors. Awards to be determined. Voting will end and winners announced on October 7, 2017.

I would prefer PDF files of 16 pages from your original page scans at 300 dpi (not higher please). Lower resolution OK if that is all than can be done. If needed, send me the JPG scans directly numbered in page number order.

The process will be for me to convert your 16 page PDF file to 16 pages of images and construct the layout using thumbnails that link to the full size file. I will also have a link to the native PDF file for each.

Please advise if you seek constructive input on making your exhibit better and I will mention that on the page with your exhibit.

Any questions, please email me

1) Multiple exhibits by same exhibitor, to a limit of 3, are allowed

2) Material in exhibit may include items NOT owned by the exhibitor if such is accurately acknowledged.

3) All exhibitors, and only exhibitors, are entitled to vote. Those rules will be posted as soon as available.

4) Exhibits may be entered as non-competitive

5) Awards will include at least a Best in Show, and Best Exhibit by a First Time Exhibitor. For the "first time" category, I would flexibly define as not having exhibited a one framer in a WSP (ASP) level event.

Richard Frajola (Aug 2017)