Western Overland Routes


Richard Frajola, LLC
Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. All lots are offered for sale subject to availability. Please email Richard Frajola to check availability and confirm in writing your desire to purchase (using specific stock numbers) by email.

2. Any lot, the description of which is incorrect, is returnable, but only within ten days of receipt. All disputed lots must be returned intact as received and lots containing five or more items are not returnable at any time.

3. Successful buyers are expected to make payment before lots are delivered. Any exception of this rule will be at the sole discretion of Frajola. The buyer assumes all risk for delivery of purchased lots and agrees to pay Fedex shipping costs (all lots will be sent by Fedex unless other arrangements are agreed to by Frajola prior to purchase). Buyers who receive lots in the U.S. are obligated to pay whatever sales tax or compensating use tax might be due, and buyers outside the U.S. are responsible for all customs duties.

4. Any account that is more than thirty days in arrears is subject to a late charge of 1.5% per month so long as account remains in arrears. If the seller, in his discretion, should institute any legal action to secure payment of a delinquent account, the defaulting purchaser shall pay all legal expense incurred by the seller and such charges will be added to the amount owed. The purchaser agrees that any legal dispute arising from this sale will be commenced and maintained in any court within the state of New Mexico.

5. All lots are sold as genuine but should any lot be proved otherwise by written opinion of any competent, responsible authority acceptable to Frajola, immediate refund of full purchase price will be made, provided any such request for extension is made in writing within 14 days from date of sale. If a claim is not made within this period, no lots are returnable for any reason at any time. So long as we are notified within the 14 day period that an opinion is being sought the matter will remain open until such opinion is rendered. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred by the buyer for expertization fees and costs unless the opinion states that the item is not genuine, in which case we will pay actual costs up to a maximum of $50.00. 6. Until paid for in full, all lots remain the property of Richard Frajola, LLC.

7. Unless otherwise noted catalog numbers refer to the current Scott U.S. Specialized catalog, and other reference works as indicated.

8. The placing of an order to purchase shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing conditions of sale.

Ordering Information - Items that have been sold will be marked as such but prices will remain online as a value guide and reference. Please email me to confirm availability and order by stock number.

The sale with links to additional background information is available on the Frajola website here.

A searchable PDF file of the sale is here
(please note that sold items will not be updated on the PDF file)

Richard Frajola (July 2018)