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This is a net price sale of the James P. Myerson collection of 1861-1868 Issue postal history. It is a joint offering by Richard Frajola and Suburban Stamp Incorporated. All items are offered subject unsold. 
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Usage To Hong Kong, China, 1869 Collins correspondence cover with pair 15c black "F" grills (#98) tied in combination with 12c black "F" grill (#97), matching "Fair Haven Ct May 17" origin postmark, correct 42c rate Via Marseilles, red "New York Paid All Br. Transit May 13" exchange office datestamp on reverse and "32" credit handstamps, London Paid transit, "Hong-Kong Marine Sorter, Singapore-To Hong Kong JY 15 69" arrival backstamp and "1" (d) due handstamp, one of the finest 1867 issue covers from the correspondence, extremely fine


Registered Usage, Shaw correspondence cover with 15c black "F" grill (#98) tied in combination with 3c ultramarine 1869 issue (#114) by target cancels, matching "Farmington Mich Jan 7" origin postmark and manuscript registry endorsements, ex White and Gibson, very fine $250

Usage To Argentina, 1868 cover to Rosario, Argentina, 15c black (#77) tied in combination with 10c green (#68, affixed over edge) by "New York Nov 8" duplex postmark, correct 25c rate by American Packet to Rio de Janeiro and then by French packet to Buenos Ayres, red "15" credit handstamp, octagonal "Et Unis Paq. Fr K N 22 Dec 68" transit, "Buenos Ayres 29 Dec 68" transit backstamp, the 25c rate became effective on August 1, 1867 and ended December 31, 1869, cover minor edge faults, scarcer usage  $450

Richard Frajola (March, 2002)