Memphis 5c Provisional #2

Genuine (Memphis #2, Scott catalog #56X2, #56XU1-3)

Printed from electrotypes in sheet form as well as press printed on individual envelopes believed to have been supplied by postal patrons. Tete-beche pairs exist that are cross gutter examples from sheet (form struck twice on sheet). The same electrotype was used to produce the postal stationery. 

#2 Genuine characteristics: #2 Genuine colors seen:

a. bottom stroke of "E" of "MEMPHIS has small triangle at tip

a. 5c red (shades) on pelure paper
b. 5c red (shades) on regular paper
c. 5c red (shades) printed on envelope

The stamp shown at left is from a late printing and shows some voids in the design most noticeable to the left of the numeral. It was once thought that these might be reprints but it is now believed that they represent a late printing from the war period.
#2 Genuine varieties:

var a. 5c late printing

Richard Frajola (October 1, 2001)