Lynchburg, Virginia 5c Provisional Entire #2

Genuine (Lynchburg #2, Scott catalog #52XU1, 52XU2, 52XU3)

The genuine stationery stamps were printed onto envelopes of various colors using a single electrotype. Dietz catalog is misleading regarding the reprints. There are no reprints from original electrotype. See forgery types. Illustration above is of genuine cut square.

#1 Genuine characteristics: #1 Genuine colors seen:

a. small white flaw in outer oval of design at bottom directly above "I" of "PAID"
b. solid black line forms left upright of the numeral "5" with no white line to the left of this

a. 5c black on white
b. 5c black on amber
c. 5c black on dark buff

Richard Frajola (October 9, 2001)