Florida Express (Bogus)

Bogus Type 3 (Florida #1B3)

S. Allan Taylor's version derived from Moens design. This design was included on the same forms used for the printing of his US Local Post products. It exists in several states of deterioration. The latest prints, as shown at right above, loose all detail in groundwork. The frame line flaw at right is not present in the earliest prints.

Type 3 Forgery characteristics: Type 3 Forgery colors seen:

a. rider foot straight at bottom
b. ground does not extend beyond hooves

a. black
b. black on security paper (similar to ornate watermark)
c. black on scarlet security paper
d. black on rose horizontally laid
e. black on pale pink horizontally laid
f. black on salmon
g. black on pale green horizontally laid
h. black on greenish
i. blue
j. blue on pink horizontally laid
k. violet on blue
l. violet on cream
m. brown on pale greenish
n. chocolate brown
o. pale brown
p. orange
q. red (shades)
r. carmine on green
s. carmine on pale green horizontally laid
t. carmine on bluish
u. green
v. green on bluish
w. green on greenish
x. green on grayish

Richard Frajola (October 8, 2001)