Confederate Blockade Postage #4 (Bogus)
$1 to Europe

Forgery Type 4 (Blockade #4B4)

Typographed on wove paper, imperforate, produced by S. A. Taylor (see his ad below)

Type 4 Forgery characteristics: Type 4 Forgery colors seen:

a. corner with ornament instead of value
b. four lines to left of "Europe"

a.  $1 black 
b.  $1 gray
c.  $1 brown
d.  $1 orange-brown on pale bluish tinted
e.  $1 blue (shades)
f.   $1 blue on horizontal laid
g.  $1 blue on pale bluish tinted
h.  $1 green
i.   $1 green on pinkish tinted
j.   $1 green on green
k.  $1 red (shades)
l.   $1 red on pale bluish tinted
m. $1 purple
n.  $1 purple on pink
o.  $1 purple on blue

S. A. Taylor's notice in Stamp Collector Record, No. 2, Albany, New York, January 15, 1865

Richard Frajola (September 18, 2001)