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Penny Post Handstamps


#801, Aug 20, 1855 (docket), on folded entire addressed to Morgan, Hathaway, San Francisco, "per Northern Light" to San Francisco, oval "Nicaragua Line / In Advance / of the Mail" handstamp, Penny Post Co San Francisco delivery handstamp, 10c rate paid with uncanceled adhesives

#802, Aug 29, 1855, 3c entire with Penny Post Stockton handstamp and pencil "Paid," entered mails with Stockton postmark, addressed to H. L. Goodwin with final addressee being Luigi Bisagno

#803, Sep 20, 1855 San Francisco postmark, and Penny Post San Francisco handstamp on cover to Mrs. Sarah Haskell in Fitchburg, Mass., via Panama steamer
#603, Interior Envelope addressed to Tandler at San Francisco, San Francisco Penny Post circle handstamp

Trial impressions Penny Post Co Stockton & Penny Post Co Marysville handstamps, from Sloane records, manuscript instructions of Goodwin at foot: "in having sheets lithographed, do not omit the lines particularly the words No. _______ Street, we have no directory here"


Penny Post Co San Francisco

Postage Paid the Penny Post Co.
Penny Post Co Sacramento
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